February 17, 2011

I can't find a title that fits.

Let me just go ahead and say that if you are of the XY chromosomal disposition, you'll probably want to stop reading right now.  As for the rest of you, welcome to some classic girl bonding.  Also known as TMI.

Yesterday started like every other day with a text from the man, except the text wasn't to say good morning or have a nice day.  In fact the text was more along the lines of  "grmph baby girl heuh Uypar pluthgjaf!!!!!!"  He usually speaks English, so I was a little taken aback and called him.

It seems baby girl has only recently become a woman and yesterday morning was fraught with an extra dose of being a woman, so much so that when her daddy saw her just lying in bed crying he lost his ability to be a sane person.

He didn't know whether he should run circles in the yard or in a straight line to the hospital, so I suggested maybe he just go to work and let me handle the situation.  The sigh of relief to follow was nothing short of hurricane strength.  I named it Flo.

I loaded up a basket of goodies and headed over.  By the time I got there things were a little more under control thanks to Pamprin, so I shoved some chocolate into her face and brought her back to my house for what I thought would be a day of her vegging on the couch while I worked. 

I should know better than to 'think' on days like that, and by days like that I mean days when 2 girls hanging out together are also (ahem) both being women at the same time.  We ended up at Walmart first and then Dairy Queen before watching a horror movie fest on Netflix.  She loves the scary, but I may never sleep again. 

A friend called to check on her after school and I overheard her say, "Oh yeah, I'm good.  I spent the day at my 3rd mom's house." 

When I finish typing this I'm going downstairs and mop the rest of my heart off the floor.

Zipper, Purse, Cell, and Ceiling Fan Pulls
I strung while pretending to watch
someone SAW(VI) her own arm off.


  1. So good that you could have something to bond with this child. But I don't love my children enough to watch SAW anything, unless it is the see-saw variety and then not even so much. You must really love her. Enjoy the day, Juls!
    Erin xox

  2. You are the best! To be able to do that, so fantastic! I can't even type!

    I DO NOT do horror, in any way, shape or form. My daughter watches it alone! You must love that girl.:)

    Yeah you.

  3. Oh I see you are in love with this baby girl and after you mop your heart off the floor you can be sure you will be doing it again very soon! Huggles to the both of you for a ohIhatethistimeofthemonth best3rdmomeva day!!!!!

  4. Glad to hear that she knows how much she is loved. Of course we all know what a rock star you are ;)

  5. Thanks for making my day hehehehe!
    (just so ya know, I'm a huge SAW fan!!!! it's those virus,pandemic movies that scare the hell out of me)

  6. Haha aw! I used to have a friend whose roommate would just literally crack open the door to her room, throw chocolate bars in, and leave the apartment.

  7. Awesome sauce. Yep, that tried and true Juls phrase has become part of the Auld family lingo. And it must be love if you are watching horror flicks - hopefully during daylight :-)

  8. All I can say is..."aaawwww". Sounds like you had a wonderful day (except for the scary movie part). It's wonderful that she's your "kid".
    Happy, Happy!

  9. cherish & treasure that moment! It sometimes takes a lot of time to reach that point. even if it's just bonding over "aunt flo's" visit...

  10. We did this w/ our daughter. Honored her rite of passage. Flowers, dinner at the restaurant of her choice, whatever. It was amazing. Glad you were able to do that, you 3rd mom you! Obviously, you rock this girl's world now and forever for handling this like you did! Good going.