February 14, 2011

Giveaway Winner + A sale + Butter Knives

So here's what I am thinking.  If yours wasn't the winning comment, but you still really really want a giant pile of cabs to play with I am going to offer a couple of additional lots like the first one to the first 2 people to claim them.  The price will be $30 (shipping included ~international or domestic). 

You get well over 40 focal sized cabs and I get to save the listing hassles, which means I'll probably throw a lil sumthin sumthin extra in your package.  Squee.

These are just a sample of the cab/button collection~
(you will be getting these cabs +  more)


I know how much everyone loves talking about the weather and since I don't want to disappoint you I am going to tell you how stunningly gorgeous it is in the southern south this week.   This time last year there was snow on the ground and today it is almost 70.   This means I am finally hitting the studio in shorts and flip flops, inspired by love and high on creativity, which is a good thing because my tiny leg burns from last year were getting lonely.

I figure what better way to celebrate than to offer a special on Own My Skillz~ 30% off to the first 3 people to claim it.  That's a full 8 hour workday from me for $105, shipping included!


For details, READ MORE! 

My mortgage company thanks you.  Me too.


Now won't everyone join me in congratulating Norma of MoonitFantaseas, whose comment #3 was chosen by the RNG?  Yay, Norma!  Congrats, girlie!   I'll be emailing you in a bit.

Thanks to everyone else for playing.  Good luck in the next one!


Kristen is having a sweet giveaway of her own to celebrate her 100th post, and while technically I *am* sharing this info with you, you really should read my comment over there before leaving one of your own.  BECAUSE I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING.


Happy Valentine's Day, Lovers!


  1. woo hoo!!! thank you so much!! you made my day for sure doing the happy dance here!

  2. I am here posting for the giveaway, Nicole said to tell you she sent me.

  3. Yeah for Norma (don't mind my sniffling over here) :( BUT I can't wait to see you work your magic on these beauties!

    Happy Love day to you too dearest! I'm so excited you're out in the shiny shack in the flip flops!!! BONUS! Roll with that creative spurt! Can't wait to see what's cookin!


  4. Am I too late to put my hand up for one of the cab bundles for $30? If not let me know and I can pay right away :D


  5. Ohhh oops I just realised I am supposed to email you... I am guessing I have missed out lol.

  6. *kiss*

    And if any of you are waffling on the mad skillz offer... stop waffling! Jump in and do it! You will NOT be disappointed. That is an awesome deal!
    Enjoy the day!