February 22, 2011

A bed of beads.

I was email chatting with a friend last night about torching all day and beading all night and being caught up in a creative wave and loving beads and life is good.  She was empathetic about loving the beads and this morning I awoke to an email containing a picture of what I think might have been her bed under the bead store spread across a large section of it.  I'd show you the photo, but she threatened me and I'm scared.

(...so don't tell Beth I mentioned it, K?)

She and I are obviously cut from the same saucy cloth, because this is what I wake up to most mornings~

I love bead people. 
We rock the Casbah
like the Casbah
ain't never been rocked
even while we sleep.


  1. I call it my Bead & Breakfast!

    Don't be a hater cause my bead tray is bigger and messier than yours.

  2. LOVE what you've done with the place!!
    No really, if I beaded in bed, mine would look like yours, only with a cat at the foot of the bed.

  3. Oh you goddess of the beady bedroom! I always wondered where it is you create those beauties! Were are you in your jammies though?

  4. I'm afraid to ask..but 'cheleabutt'...on the pillow..hmmmmm I've been known to bead in my sleep! Don't ya love it!

  5. Bead & Breakfast...that's hilarious! I haven't moved into the bedroom with it yet, but my kitchen looks like a crazy science project because I was trying to etch. I only did some minor "refinishing" of my apartment's kitchen sink. haaaaaaaaaa

  6. I haven't slept with the beads (although they are just a few steps from the bed) but have slept with a bead book...may it's osmosis...I'll just absorb something I'm trying to learn.
    Bead Happy!

  7. You are way, way to calm when you sleep. If I even tried to bead in bed... my right leg would send the remotes flying, then I'd flip over to the other side and my left leg would say sianara to the bead tray. Then I'd cry and need a therapist because I'd be a bead abuser... and that would just be unhappy. So I think I'll keep it in the dining room, living room, and kitchen. ;)

  8. People who like beads are freaks. And sadly I am a freak.