February 13, 2011

Wherein you might start wondering if I chew tobaccy or yell GIT 'ER DUN! every chance I get.*

The story of course, as most things this unusual are wont to be, is about a boy and a girl.  And a bonfire in a trailer park.  Yep.  I just typed bonfire and trailer park in the same sentence, because apparently that's how I roll.

Let's start with the boy.  Except just for fun let's call him a man.  He's southern.  He's handsome.  He's hilarious.  He dances.  He's down to earth and freakishly fun and can finish my sentences for me.  Nevermind that he achieves this by saying things I wasn't actually going to say.  He gets away with it because he's bigger than me so I'm not really looking for a fight.  By bigger I mean taller and by taller I mean when I look up at him the top of my head touches my butt. 

I think I might like him a little bit so when I was invited over for a cookout (read that as bonfire) on a warmer night this weekend (read that as it was 2 degrees higher than the 28 degree previous night), I decided to go.  The majority of the talking sounded mostly like teeth chattering, but apparently I am fluent in Southern Slang Click Swahili laced with Coors Light** so I was able to get by. 

Now about the girl...who happens to be the 14 year old daughter of the man...I haven't yet gotten her permission to tell y'all how awesome she is, so I'm just going to limit this post to sharing a couple of necklaces I made for her and her Bestie~

(Although I will say she is absolutely gorgeous and if I can bribe her into modeling some jewelry for me she'll be plastered here soon enough.  Wait. Is it legal to bribe 14 year olds?  I really should research these things before admitting guilt prior to a potential trial.)

Also?  I finished the focal to go with my purple beret, and as soon as I find the right shade of purple faux suede boots I'm changing my name to The Queen of Awesome and going on walkabout.

*The answer to both is hell no.

**That is SO going on my resume.


I accidentally had another date and the day got away from me, so if y'all don't mind I think I'll wait until tomorrow sometime to draw a winner for the giveaway.  K?


  1. That is oh so fine with me you southernsweetnessgirlie I think yourself a well deserved time! Oh you should so put that on your resume too. Those necklaces are supercoolfabulishous and I am sure it is illegal to bribe a 14 year old but if you keep making those for her she may just model for you anyway!(I so would) I do expect full updates on any future dates though.
    UMMMM if that purple beret and focal go missing......It was Dawn I swear!


  2. I am sitting here with a smile on my face for the love that is emanating from you. For this tall southern drink of water, for his wintry bonfires in the trailerhood, for this lovely 14 year old daughter who inspired you to create something luscious (can you refer to a 14 year old and say luscious without it being creepy?), for being high on love. So. Happy. For. You.

    Enjoy the day!

  3. It is SO awesome that you sound so GIDDY! You totally crack me up and the necklaces are gorgeous!

  4. Next time you have a post this hilarious... warn me first. A girl needs to use the bathroom BEFORE she reads your post! LOL

    So glad you have a hunka hunka burning studmuffin to spend time with this weekend. Spread love and happiness.

    BTW, I'd be 14 again to get one of those gorgeous baubles. (And trust me, 14 was not a pleasant time in my life... I was a pistol and nobody was safe! LOL)

    Kristen, Erin and Pat, all your comments are making me giggle this morning. I'm innocent Kristen - swear!

    Happy Day of Love to all!
    {Hugs & ♥}