December 24, 2010

Yo quero bueno queso Feliz tacos.

See?  Just by the power of osmosis I'm already sucking a new language right out of the unopened Rosetta box!  You might be thinking it sounds like foody gibberish, but that's probably because you aren't as advanced a Spanish speaker as I am.  Now pass the salsa.

My awesome Olympus (which I never learned to operate) has been dying a slow death and recently shuttered it's final breath.  Sweetly enough, this is the last photo it will ever take:

I left it as it was captured~
quirky and a little fuzzy
much like everything else around here.

Yesterday I got a present~
A shiny new camera!  
I yanked that baby out of the box
and snapped up these little tidbits
of outgoing goodies:

Chocolate chunk peanut butter cookies,
peanut butter brownies,
chocolate and caramel dipped pretzels,
banana bread,
and 2 kinds of beef jerky.

The extra 5 lbs I'm carrying right now

Earrings in the almost assembled stage.

Kitteh posed!
I don't know which is more amazing~
that she let me take her photo or that she
was in such close proximity to my
I once said "leash, walk, exercise"
in her general direction.
She clawed my eyes out
and ate them with some fava beans.

Vintage Swarovski from my Nana's bead shop
in the 70s.  I finally stopped hoarding and
made 7 pairs of these sparkly beauties
for some sparkly friends.

It's like Christmas up in here!

to you and yours.



  1. i want you to have good happy taco cheese too!
    have a great holiday. ;-)

  2. Great spanish... isn't love and food all that matters in this world? ;) How precious are those earrings... from Nana's stash... just like Nana's Banana puddin... I'm liking your Nana more by the minute!

    Juls, I hope your holiday is filled with loads of love! You deserve the best darling! Thank you for being the dynamite amiga one could ask for.

    ♥ & Merry Christmas!

  3. I just love your blog. You're a riot and sooo much fun! I hope to see you at the next Bead Soup!

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Great blessings I wish to heap upon you my friend in this coming year! You have inspired me, made me laugh, brought me along on your wild ride. There are no words to tell you how great you are, except that YOU ARE GREAT! I am enthralled by your muchness Miss Juls, that and the beady goodness that I am hoarding, er, I mean, loving!

    Enjoy the day!

  5. Merry Christmas my fabulishous friend and I hope you had a day filled with favorites! You are a great friend and I send you much love and squnches!