December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

5 am~ cat walks across head.  look at clock, pull pillow over head.

5:01 am~ cat stomps all over body.  get up, feed cat, let dog out, remember Rosetta! Stone!

5:20 am~ begin process of uploading Rosetta! Stone!  ~ Encounter difficulty.

5:30-8:30 am~ work with "John" in online Rosetta Stone chat to install disks.  "John" is clearly not his real name.

9:00 - 11:00 am~ Hola! Los hombres beben.  Una nina nada.   Las mujeres come.

11:00 am~ Pez = fish = a three letter word that I CANNOT PRONOUNCE APPROPRIATELY.  Apparently Rosetta Stone doesn't speak Southern.

11:15 am - 1:00 pm~ pretend to nap.

2:00 pm~ go to work, open bar.

2:00 - 7:00 pm~ busy, fun, entertaining.

7:00 - midnight~ still busy but huh, I'm kinda tired.

12:00 am~ last of the tabs is closed.  Fun happy people singing kamikaze karoake = hilarious.

12:30 am~ 2 friends who promised they weren't driving get in trucks to drive home after 6 shots of jaeger that they got only because they weren't driving.

12:30 am~ Go outside in freezing rain to chastise aforementioned friends that if they pull out of the parking lot driving they need not ever ask me for another beer again.  In fact, they should not even come in when I am working, and I am not even kidding, ya'll.

12:30am - 12:45 am~ stand half inside to watch pub and half outside to make sure they both get in a different vehicle with a sober driver.  Eventually they do.  

(squee. score one for the sober girl.)

12:45am~have DJ announce Last Call.

1:00am~ notice that 2 other friends have cleaned off tables, pulled out chairs, emptied ashtrays and made me totally want to buy them an island. 

1:45am~ Chelsea races out door at home because shecan'tholditanotherminutemom! 

2:00am~ capture my day on my blog, because it was a day worth remembering.

Except for the stupid parts, which I love just as much because (score two for the sober girl) I wasn't part of them.

Well, not much anyway.


  1. Feliz Navidad ! Happy New Year !

  2. Big scores for sober girl!!!! Sounds like fun even though you were working. Was a great day here! Hope to chat soon!

    Squnches in Bunches!

  3. As always I am in awe - Juls you rock!

  4. Juls I could kiss you for keeping the "" ones from driving home. I've lost a cousin, an uncle and an aunt all to drunk drivers, 3 separate years on Christmas Eve, Day and Day after... so YOU get a GOLD GALAXY... way better than just a gold star!

    Your gift is making people laugh and smile... recounting your day did both for me! Hope you know just how special you are!

    Merry merry and Happy 2011!

  5. You get a hundred million awesome points for keeping people who have been drinking from behind the wheel. I am so not okay with drinking and driving either.

  6. Love you Juls! So glad you stuck to your guns to make sure they made it home safe and sound. Enjoy the day!

  7. Way to go Juls for making sure your friends didn't drive! You go girl! I hope you are having fun with the Rosetta Stone and I can't wait to see how you progress! Have a great New Year girl!

  8. Your blog is just a bucket of fun! And way to go on stopping the Jaeger dudes. Although I have no idea how they were even upright, as I've had one shot of Jaeger in my life and two seconds later I was spinning and met the floor.

  9. Yeah for sober girl! You so rock. Tú eres mi héroe. He aquí a un año nuevo muy bien!