June 2, 2010

How to waste an hour in 5 minutes.

Hear Thunder.  Sense lightning is near.
Vacate shack.  Get camera.  Take picture of sky.

And another

Can't leave out the shiny!

Or Baby Daddy

 having lunch with his child.

Watch the rain roll in

all the way to the patio.

Go to the upstairs deck thinking you'll do a little video
recording the sonic boom thunder.

End up with just a picture of rain
because you have no idea how to work
the camera you've owned for 5 years.




  1. LOL on the camera. My sister-in-law recently took a class, changed two settings on my camera and then told me "NOW DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING ELSE." And since then - most of my pics have been pretty decent. You'd think that instead of a bazillion page instruction book in Japanese...they could've just explained those two settings. I'm so jealous you get lightning and thunder. We NEVER get any.

  2. LOL! AWESOME! I too LOVE a good rainstorm! Thanx for the "how- to" ;)


  3. Wonderful way to spend an hour! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Great photos. Don't you just love these summer storms? We're listening to thunder booming right now. Can't be too bad the dogs are not hyperventilating. Take care out there in that 'tin' shack.

  5. LOL! Love the photos! I wish I could have got shots of the lightning that was going on in our neck of the woods yesterday and the thunder was awesome (just figured out how to use the video on my camera recently). The baby daddy and baby are so cute! Be careful working in the metal shack! Beth

  6. Welll, it's just over 24 hours later and guess what, y'all?

    Uh huh. Stormin'. :D