June 14, 2010

Full disclosure on my full exposure

It is so steamy sticky hot that every time I open the freezer door ice cubes scream DAAAAAAMN.

So I may or may not be sitting here naked.  

And yes, odds are I will continue to complain about the heat all the way through summer.  Lucky you!

Yesterday I was batch annealing some beads for another glassy on LE, and seeing as there is a heatwave of hellish proportion blowing around I figured it would be okay if I stuck my beads in fiber blankets since I couldn't go straight into the kiln with anything. 

Um.  Yeeeaaaah.

I'll just need to go ahead and admit I was wrong.

It's okay though.



  1. Yes, inventress of Post-its you could. ;) tee hee! hey I gave myself a blog style makeover, please come lookiE!

  2. Why yes you could and I can't wait to see what you make this time! (actually sitting on pins and needles and boy do they hurt so hurry up and make something :) )
    P.S. I did a make over too! (and 2 finished pairings) so when you come out of the freezer stop by!

  3. Make some lemonade with that lemon Miss Juls...but don't forget to add the vodka...teehee!
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Beautiful bead--even if it is in two parts. And,it would make a great ROMY. Wouldn't it be nice if we could mix our weather together -- we've had record lows here in Utah. Can't believe I'm wearing SWEATS in the middle of June--and still not warm enuff. Needless to say, I'm not sitting here naked--or is it nekked?? So we're all waiting to see the "lemonade" you make out of the bead. Hope you have a good flashlight to use in the freezer--hahahaaaaaaa. CJ

  5. How funny!!! Erin's comment about the lemonade popped up when I hit the post button. Good thing vodka doesn't freeze. Haha. CJ (word verification is "trayoug"-- so that must mean ice cubes, right???) CJ

  6. Oh no! I'm silently playing TAPS in my head for the bead that tragically lost its life :-(

  7. That bead is still going to make an awesome pendant/focal piece. In fact, I may want to buy one like it. Seriously, do you think you could get that effect on purpose?

  8. @Mary, love the colors!

    @Kristen, I'll pop right over.

    @Erin, I may bypass the lemonade this time and have an ICY COLD beer instead. :D

    @CJ, I suddenly want to live in Utah. TRADESIES!!!!!!

    @KJ, I know, right? I really liked the bead and thought I'd make another one...so I ended up with something completely different in the same colors. :P

    @Kate, It is entirely possible to thermal shock a bead on purpose. Whatcha got in mind?

  9. Bad luck. But I can see that bead with a layer of bronze goodness in the middle ;-) In a place long ago and far away with no AC, I was known to wrap myself in a damp sarong and call it fashion.

  10. Ok, nakedness and ice cube chitter chatter is not what I expect from this here blog. Smarten up lady ;)

  11. @LeAnn, GMTA! I debated electroforming but decided I couldn't be 100% positive it would hold together.

    @ED, This is my brain on excessive heat. ;)