June 13, 2010

Actual Temperature? 99 degrees. Heat Index in Alabama? Hell.

You can't truly grasp the meaning of
hot humid southern wet south heat 
until the first time you open your front door
and the devil is standing there
begging for ice water and a fire extinguisher.



  1. Help... I'm melting...

    I spent 3 days last week naked sitting next to the air...it didn't help.

  2. devils already been to my door, told him to go get his own cold water..i'm sittin' in mine.

  3. Oh please don't melt I would miss you!

  4. Sending some cool thoughts your way girl! Maybe start making icicles from that melty, gooy glass! :)


  5. I can beat you hands down. It's 122 here and currently only 11am... but I'm tough ;)

  6. It ain't no better in North Carolina. 97 with a heat index of 104 and humid enough to feel like I stepped outside into someone's mouth.
    My sister walked across the street to visit me. When she got here I asked her if she wanted to go swimming. Her reply...."I already did."