March 26, 2010

I'll be Romy and you can be Michelle

Have you ever looked at something you've just created and thought "Huh.  Where'd THAT come from?"

UH! Me too!!


This poor beauty didn't arrive intact.  I have a soft spot for the Underdog, so using the broken bead first makes perfect Julisense. 

The striking green beads came in the same shipment, and I thought they made a super fun pair.

I cleaned up the rough edges and flattened one side~
~and started beading~
~and then remembered a certain funkalicious sunset orange bead that Jen gifted me with.
I stitched the orange bead on top of the green, tossed in some extra seed bead colors, and now I am holding this in my hand thinking that you should really never judge a book by its cover. 
Doncha think cliches exist because they are true?

UH!  Me Too!!


  1. I will totally be your Romy!
    (As long as we get to dance with the geek-turned-millionaire to "True Colors"!)
    This is such a striking piece. I love the brilliant use of color. You are fearless, I tell ya!
    And using the broken bits? That is sheer genius. (I never throw anything away ever too!)
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Ooh, I lurve this...the combination of purple and orange is good enough to eat! Good on you for giving a broken bead a beautiful home. It would have been all too easy to stick it in the 'underdog pile' and forget about it. Great work!

  3. Wow, I am in love with this piece!
    Way to make lemonade girl!

  4. @Erin, You got it! It wouldn't be complete without that goofy dance.

    @Belinda, I think the broken bits have such character they can't help but be treasure. But then I'm quirky so there ya go. lol

    @Marie, This would look incredible on a redhead, doncha know. :D

  5. Hello. First off I love Romy and Michelle. Second I am with you on using broken beads. I have done it for many years. Some of my best pieces have been with the beads others would through out. As shown in this piece of yours. Simply stunning. Fantastic and oh so beautiful.


  6. Love the are sooooo good!!!!!

  7. @Nicole, One man's trash is another's treasure. I love creating beauty from 'ugly'.

    @EB, You make me smile. Thank you so much.

  8. You know I am not usually a fan or purple... or orange for that matter... I don't know they just don't do much for me and my skin colour... but this rocks!!! I love it. The colours are so striking together and I l♥ve that you have a broken bead hidden underneath... it's like this piece has a little surprise or secret hidden away.

    Gorgeous work as always Juls.


  9. @Karyn, everything has a story inside it doncha think? Thank you for liking it, you nonorangepurplegirl. :P