June 15, 2010

Wherein the flesh melting June heat is not even mentioned except in the title.

For all of my travels and moving about, I am in some ways a creature of habit.  I will only buy Kraft mayo and cheese slices.   I always order Chicken Pad Thai at a Thai restaurant~ Thai hot please.  I only wear Estee Lauder or Lancome cosmetics in spite of the pricetag.  When something becomes a favorite I tend to stick with it. 

In 1989 my favorite eyeshadow was from Lancome.  Midnight bronze.  Hello 80s, home of giant bottles of hairspray and painted faces.  If I was out of a favorite cosmetic, I wore none at all.  So you might understand my distress when the last time I tried to replace my Midnight Bronze I was told it was......wait for it............discontinued.  As in gone.  Permanently out of stock.

Say what? Shouldn't companies give some kind of warning?  Like a telephone call, specifically to me, before ripping my heart out like that? Hello again 80s, angst filled teenage years.

I've almost forgiven Lancome, but 21 years later I still look for some semblance of that hue at the counter.   Hope springs eternal.  Thus far my favorite eyeshadow does not.

A few months ago I discovered a new favorite thing~ ceramic cabs from Erin of Every Heart Crafts.   I was introduced to them when she and I were swap partners in the first Bead Soup Blog Party.  This is what I made with the awesome dragonfly cab she sent.

Erin has since decided to change creative avenues, trading in ceramic work for motherhood, and I suppose since she is pregnant it's a really good idea.  She'll make a great mom. 

I'm going to miss her work, and I really appreciate her being upfront about its limited availability.  Lancome should take a lesson,  and you should go grab yourself a treasure before they all disappear.  Of course I'm telling you this only after I've snagged some pieces for myself, because I may be part Phoebe but I'm also part Rachel. 

My precious

Look for others in her shop.



  1. A favourite can't be a favourite unless you stick... that's the rules. It is just wrong, wrong, WRONG that people can happily be responsible for snatching that favourite away from you.

    I have searched everywhere for another mirrored Wham photo but I cannot find it...

    I am constantly on the lookout for a decent pair of dungarees, paisley shirt and shoes with bottle tops on but alas, nothing.

    I want to go back to the 80's so I can wear lots of luminous colours and you can have your eye shadow back.

    Life's a bitch. Fact.

  2. Oh ladies if I could only have my AQUA NET super hold back I would be in heaven. I do miss my hair ( its not the same after kids or without the real formula not the watered down version they have now) I suppose they had to change it though I don't think the ozone could handle another hole.

  3. I love Erin's work. I was saddened by that news but also so very happy for her new life. I know that she will continue to make pretty things. I was in a round robin bracelet exchange with her last year and it was awesome. I did run right out and buy up some goodies. Put them away in my new antique printer's cabinet and labeled them all. I can now look at them and fondle...and dream of the perfect piece for them, but I fear I might hold onto them too tightly for fear of letting the last one go!

    As for me... my favorite was a L'Oreal lipstick (always my favorite brand) that was a deep plummy-bronzey shade. I might have one mostly empty tube left. It is my last holdout from the 80s. That and the dragon earrings I used to wear.

    Enjoy the day!

  4. Ah the 80's - so many hair products...so much emotional scarring. It must be a Lancome thing because they did the same damn thing to me except my favored product was a particular shade of blue eyeliner. HEY! I SAID it was the 80's...except I, who am also a creature of extreme habit, was maybe also still wearing it in the 90's until the tragic day I went to the Lancome counter to replace it only to be told that it was....DISCONTINUED! The HORROR! More recently, both my shampoo and conditioner have been discontinued with the result that I am seriously considering just shaving my head because it could hardly look any worse.

  5. Ahh the 80's... fond memories. I don't think I have any favourite thing from the 80's that is no longer being made but I do have fond memories from the 80's and I wish sometimes I could step back in time to enjoy those times again.

    Bummer about your eyeshadow though - can they recommend a colour ''similar'' to it?


  6. Darlings, thanks so much for the giggles! I've often wondered how we became such creatures of habit... what happened to "Seize the Day" or "Live in the moment!" Ahhh... maybe tomorrow!

    Juls, did you check ebay for your favorite color? Sometimes you'll never know what someone was holding onto from a clearance sale?!?! Fingers crossed maybe you can relive your favorite 80's moments! :)


  7. Awwww, Thanks, Sweetie! You're just the best friend a girl could ask for! Looking forward to the new adventures motherhood will bring! Can't wait til I can show her how to make jewelry, maybe she'll want to make new beads with me someday, you never know! Enjoy your pieces!