February 24, 2010

With a giant bottle of Aqua Net and some electric blue eyeshadow.

Should one trust a margarita guzzling self proclaimed photographer with a cell phone at an 80s themed bachelerotte party? Should one even go to an 80s themed bachelorette party?  If you just broke your neck shaking your head HECKZ NO to both,  you win the prize.  The prize being gratification for having been right.  Like, Totally.  And sorry about your neck.  I'd offer you a giant bandaid but I used the last one to cover my eyes when the chippendale wannabes wholesome entertainers made their appearances Saturday night.  

Remember THESE earrings?  Here they are in black light action with me and some tyedye.  It's just too bad the spiral perm I got in 1987 has grown out because I would have totally rocked it.


1 comment:

  1. I just spit out my drink laughing...spiral perms rock! I was always the short-haired girl, but what can you do...someone had to be there for the vo-tech girls to practice on. haaaaaaaa