February 21, 2010

In this case I hope he doesn't.

Shopping.  I love it with the kind of love that makes a girl put on a white dress and eat cake,  both of which I would need to shop for first.  HELLO?  I get to shop to express my appreciative love of shopping? 
Total First World Living.

I only shop with a goal, as in there is something specific that is needed.  Or I once did.  BEFORE YOU PEOPLE came into my life with your art and your artsy creative art creations.  


Dear Shopping List,


Things I was unable to resist last week:

From Marianna over at Star Girl JewelryI snagged these gigantic darlings immediately.  The 80s were so fun I think I'll go get stuck in them.  Ready. Set.  Neon!


And from Erin of Every Heart Crafts~  I am posting Erin's photos from the listings because I don't have them in my beady paws yet.

She also sent me this in trade for some of my lampwork beads.
I hate it so I ate it.


And even though this isn't technically about me shopping, it IS about my mama shopping. She brought me this angelic treasure to cheer me up following that girly bits inspection that we all look forward to with gleeful excitement every year.

Thanks, Mom.


On a side note, I had plenty of thinking time whilst reclining with knees in the air to contemplate Life's meaning and mysteries.   That's when it hit me.   GuyNoCallogist.



  1. You crack me up, girl! I have etsy shopped myself into oblivion this weekend! Nice job doing damage without having a car around!! haaaaaaaa (also, of note, the "characters" I had to type in for security is DORKSLER! That's hilarious!)

  2. LOL @ dorksler. Maybe I should change the name of my blog? :P
    Hope ya get your car back soon. and cheaply!

  3. This is one club I will gladly join. I wonder what we did before online shopping was around... perhaps saved our money!!

    Julianna check out my blog - I have left a little sunshine for you today ♥

  4. did you ever notice how all our problems have 'men' in them?
    mental imbalance