February 25, 2010

Beading Tutorials

WHOOPSIE!  These tutorials were on pages of my old Website.  The same website I let expire and vanish.  Sorry about that!

Before Bill Gates put the final nail in the hetrulydoessuckalot coffin, I ran a forum in the group section of MSN called The Art of Beads.   The 800+ membership was so devastatingly awesome that it made me vomit Love every time I signed in. 

I wrote these tutorials for The Art so long ago I had forgotten they exist.  They be old.   But hey, who doesn't love a good picture taken on a SCANNER?

Jeff over at Beader's Showcase emailed this morning to inform me that my Cab Tutorial had been reinstated on the site, (did it quit before? get fired?) so it made me think that maybe there are people reading here that might like to check out the rudimentary edumuhcational skillz I developed while I was learning all of this on my own for the first time.    Did you know I heart longrunonsentences?

They seem to have been beneficial for some folks so if you are in the market for a beginner  beading tutorial, check out these freebies from 1892.

Okay, 2002.  Whatever.


But First! 

There are some things I do differently now.  The ones that come to mind are:

~No! Glue! Ever! Amen!   I use heavy duty double sided tape to attach everything.  The tape has red peel away backing and can be found at Scrapbook stores and Michael's)

~I attach cabs for bead embroidery only as I am working on each one so that just the right amout of space is left to cover with seeds.  I no likey seeing the backing on a finished piece.

~I only use fireline for bead weaving. For bead embroidery the thread has to be Matchymatchy.

~I use Lacy's Stiff Stuff (LSS) for the actual embroidery work & back with ultrasuede/upcycled leather.

~No more wrapping beads to attach the backing to LSS.  (I'm referring to the barrette tutorial)  Decorative edging methods are way mo' bettah.


Capturing a Cabochon with Seed Beads


Freeform Tutorial


Barrette Tutorial


If you have a question regarding any of these, feel free to ask in the comments.
If I don't know the answer, I'll make one up.



  1. Fantastic!! Unfortunately I am heading away for 4 days so won't have to time to check it out now but will when I get back.

  2. More gorgeous stuff - you really have a gift with color and textures.