December 6, 2014

Hi there, Saturday.

The maid finally showed up this morning....drug me out of bed at way too early thirty and proceeded to start washing clothes and cleaning things making it impossible for me to fall back asleep.  Across town a boy started texting right about the same time asking what time we could go get lottery tickets and sounding way more chipper in black and white than I'll probably feel in color all day.

So the kitchen now sparkles inside the appliances and out, but the floor is laying there being all tiley and mockey because the mop is still hanging around in its bucket tucked away in the closet and I'm sitting here being all master ignorer/procrastinator.   Because by maid I meant me and me might have had a couple of celebratory cocktails with the Lita last night.

A chunk of yesterday was a mix of What...the... and face palming.  I spent a few hours of it perched on one of those hard wood church style pews that you also find in courtrooms and while I understand a courtroom is probably not a place where one should expect to be cozy comfy, I can now check Get Splinter Butt off my life list.  Right after I add it.

Lita's ex, who I've also known for 30 ish years is  I don't really know what word to put right here.  R was once someone of whom I thought very highly.  Someone to whom I would have given a kidney had he needed it.  I guess I probably still would, but the good graces, he no longer resides there.  They've been court signed divorced for over a year, and there were a couple of orders from the Judge that R had a limited time to attend refinancing the house to get Lita's name removed.  He failed to do so.  Court yesterday?  He hired a very expensive lawyer and put his own negligence in front of the judge because...I have no idea why.  I can tell you this though, every person in the courtroom looked him with raised eyebrows, a mix of Bless His Heart and howcananyonebethatstupid?  So Meh.  Its over now and ended as it should have, which is why celebratory cocktails and also why my head is on sideways and there is fur growing in my mouth.   

I think I'm finished with the typing now.  There was never a point to this post save to waste my time...and apparently yours, too.

I have to do that mop thing and change out laundry.  I'm pretty sure if I go get super busy doing other actual cleaning things, the toilet will scrub itself.  I'll let you know.


Roll Tide, y'all!


  1. Oh yeah celebratory cocktails will get you every time! Roll Tide!

    1. They will indeed, Therese! Bright side, I didn't drink during the Bama game AND went to bed super early so this morning I'm ready to run a marathon. And by that I mean sit on my butt and make beads all day.

  2. No, trust me...the toilets will not clean themselves...I've been waiting a long time for that to happen...with or without Rita's the night before!

    1. When you're right, you're Robbie. I did have to scrub the toilet. AND the shower. This being the grown up in the house nonsense still isn't as much fun all the time as I thought it would be.