September 14, 2014

Saturday: (n) The day of the week set aside for the celebration and watching of college football games, specifically that of the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Scott found these awesome jello molds at Publix,
so I found an empty shelf in my fridge and made some party favors
for the Bama Shack Crew.

I'm me, so of course while putting the second tray in I tipped it right on over
and coated everything under the middle shelf in juicy red goodness~
all the way down to the very bottom.

Bright side?
My 3 week old brand new Fridge got super cleaned
even though it is only 3 weeks old.
And brand new.

Good times, y'all~
I have me some.

(They were delicious!)

My latest cross~
for my mom.
Because there has never been a better one.
(mom, that is)

It is my favorite so far.
She cried 
which is a good thing,
because anything less
and I might have snatched
right back out of her hands
and slapped it on my wall.

So not kidding.

But that makes total sense, actually.
She and I are very different,
but also much the same.



  1. Wish I still lived in Alabama. You make me laugh and I love what you create! I would come and visit you. Blessings for you!

  2. Aren't football Saturday's the best??? Love your jello shots... how super fun. Now I would have let that red gooey gelatinous mess harden, then challenged my guests to peel it off the racks in the fridge seeing who finishes their "shelf" first! ;) Then get out the video camera because gurllll, that would be epic on social media! ;) Love ya!