September 19, 2014


I thought maybe I'd write a blog post since right at this moment I'm stuck between laundry loads and waiting for the kiln to cool down so I can clean yesterday's beads and you're probably wondering why it isn't cooled down already from yesterday's beads and that is because SEC football on a Thursday night will interrupt your flow and make you forget necessary things in your jobby job like starting the down cycle on your kiln before shutting down for the day and aren't you excited that I have not lost my ability to write super long run on sentences that should end with a question mark but don't.

And now the cursor is blinking and my mind is blank.  I'll try again later when I feel less like someone hit me with a beer bottle after pouring it down my throat ( times 6 ).  So far Friday is just Thursday night still hanging around.

Just so this isn't a complete waste of your reading time, how about a little happy~


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