September 10, 2014

Oh Hai! I have a blog. Which I've ignored like my front door since I found that snake hanging from the frame on my way back in after having just come out.

Hey y'all.  I've been busy.  blah blah.  But really.  I moved again and not to the beach just yet.  I prayed about it much and after the last few months (years) I pretty much told God I needed the decision to be very very easy.  As in Please Smack Me in the Face with Something Easy otherwise I'm not going to get it right and I'll screw up making the decision on my own.  And He made it very very easy.  The perfect little house pretty much fell into my lap.  I looked at it on Monday and moved in on Thursday.  Other than the snake thing it is absolutely a perfect space, and the 3 of us are comfortable and happy here.

This dining room nook is the first room I unpacked, because of course it is.

Did you think by Snake on the Frame of the Front Door I was attempting a metaphor?

I totally wasn't.
It was a baby grey rat snake
which if you are me translates to
I'm about to die.

I made these in my new glass studio
(which is awesome, pics later)
(Also, thanks, God!)

And this.
It is the last thing I started in our family home

and the first thing I finished in my new one.

I missed out on a bunch of beach Sundays this summer,

but last weekend I all but slept in the sand to make up for it.

Midnight, y'all.

This was one of the super moons in this year's trio.
I took this pic from my Nana and Grandaddy's driveway
a couple of nights before I moved out.

Just another sign
of all the love~

and that every little thing is gonna be alright.

For all of us.



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  1. Congratulations on your new place! I love the quote which fits me very well ( can't seem to get anything right according to a certain person whom I've lived with over 32 years.) so thank you for that. But you can keep that snake even if it is a baby.