February 20, 2014

I can happily report that all windows in my Florida room studio remain intact. Yay, team!

(also that after a certain point my brain explodes using a press)
(which is why I sold them all)
(and why that hand shaped bicone pair is sitting on the right)

I dig this press though.  
The lentil slopes on top and bottom
made round on the edges?  

Buffet is coming to Atlanta in May,
(squee x 3)
(to the Nth degree)
(on crack)
and I'm going.

I'll be making trios like this guy
to fund the trip.

Because seeing Jimmy in concert?

On my life list.

If it is on yours too,

come go with!


I've got beach brain wicked bad, y'all.

If I can't put my toes in the sand today,
at least I can my beads.

Want some?

You'll find all of them
over at Studiojuls.