February 21, 2014

Every one of you deserves the last 2 words of this post.

I read a story tonight about a vet that cared enough to perform surgery pro bono on a homeless woman's dog (over whom she found a way to contribute a "hunnert" dollars).  I love him for doing that, and for sharing the story.

Something else caught my attention though...he kept saying over and over how he wasn't sharing the story to be validated...although on some level I think he was.  Not for his own gain, but for the gain of anyone who read it.  To spread awareness.

It made me think of my brother.  My best friend.  My protector.  My favorite person.

And thinking of him made me think of my mom.

And thinking of her made me think of my grand.

Our mother is the most selfless person I have ever met.  She has been raising kids since she was 10. My biograndfather (who I met once when I was an infant) (of whom I have no recollection) was an alcoholic who abused my Nana, so when my Aunt Rah was only a few months old she left him and moved to the projects with 5 children in tow.

By projects I mean just that.  The wrong side of the tracks.  The podunk part of town.  She worked 2 jobs and never took a government handout of any kind.  The situation did require help though, and that left my 10 year old mother in charge of cooking and cleaning and ironing and creating a home life for her 4 younger siblings.

My mother has given to others always and has not once asked for anything in return, especially not recognition.

I look at my brother and I see my mama.  I look at my mama and see my nana.  I look in the mirror and see the humility, sincerity, and pure unadulterated love with which I have been surrounded in my life.  I see them.  I see the reason I am me.   I see God's love..

Good stock, y'all.

For every little (or big) thing you have done to help someone, thank you.

Thank you for being a purveyor of kindness and love.

Thank you.


  1. It takes an open mind and an open heart to be able to see/hear things and use that information to recognize the good things in life; to appreciate the sacrifices people make to help others.
    It appears you have done just that - not a lot of people do.
    Good on ya, girl.

  2. How do I express in a comment what you so generously share of yourself and your loves. I suppose all I can say is you are "LOVE" in the purest sense of the word.

  3. Thank you. What a beautiful post. It made me think of my mom & how she gave so much - when she had so little. I lost her when I was 24 & still miss her every day. But, I am so thankful that I'm able to see her good in others. Am so thankful that I can recognize the good in others - because it is what she saw & what she showed me - often not in words - but in her actions. It's never about the big things - but the small things done with great love. Have a great weekend.