February 18, 2014

Because I will totally pimp myself out over it*

I am slowly making my way back to my torch bench, playing around with silly things mostly and not caring how they turn out.  So far I've discovered 1 funky color combination that I love to match a collection of beads for a future cross~

and 2 that I don't.   (We'll skip the pic of those, because no.)

I made my first eye on a bead and while I'm almost down with the eye itself, I completely janked it up with the surface decoration.

I'm thinking of playing around with eyes again today.  That is until the mailman shows up with the press I bought last week.  Yeah...I bought a press.  There is a certain shape I want (again, for the crosses) and it isn't one I can do freestyle.  If pictures of flat sided lentils show up here in the near future, you'll know me and it became friends.  If they don't, you'll know this Florida room is one window shy of being closed in.

Michaels had to put Bead Gallery on sale again...50% off this time.  I was totally going to resist until they sent me a coupon for 25% off the 50% off and made my inner child go all cartwheel crazy.  That's a whole lotta percent off, y'all.  Enough in fact that I grabbed all the ones I didn't grab last time because I was being "pay off the jeep" budget conscious.  (4 payments left.  Four.  If any of you are in the market for a wholesale order of 1200 ish beads and only want to spend $1800 ish dollars, I'm your girl*.)


Remember when I mentioned that I had made 191 beads in the wrong pattern for the recent black and white order?  These are them.  I listed them in My Shop at the wholesale price so you should probably go grab a strand before they're gone because Fun.  

10 for $15.


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  1. I personally LOVE the eye! It makes me think dragon or sea creature♥ And you do know how I love dragons☺
    And that first bead is YUM!