February 24, 2014

Pictures may say a thousand words, but that ain't gonna stop me from using mine.

Friday I had to replace my entire torch line:
hose, flashback arrester, regulator.
Unfun money to spend, y'all.

But when I saw it all shiny and new
it was almost like
staring at several pairs
of awesome new sandals.


Friday was one of my bestie's birthdays,
so in true Crew Fashion
we had a party at the Bama Shack.

So sweet and innocent.

now you know.


Saturday there was this
on a gorgeous warm day fraught with sunshine ~

With these awesome people~

Including this nut job who full body dunked
in what can only be described as ice water.

(I guess standing there in the water with him
makes me a little crady too, but I didn't get my hair wet
so he is cradier.)

And I got to do this~

I will take this same photo every.single.time.


Saturday another friend had a birthday party,
so I came home,  rinsed the sand off 
and joined the Mardi Gras goin' on 
at our local hangout~

This is the Bday Boy and his wife, Earl and Ericca~

A fairy tutu and beads bigger than my head?

Yes to them.


That's a whole lotta fun packed into
2 days and some of yall
know just what I mean 
when I say 42 is not 
the same as 22
so when I got home 
Saturday night
I pretty much died.


Thank God for good people.
I am abundantly blessed 
to be surrounded by so many.

I hope you are too!


1 comment:

  1. Enjoy 42 while it lasts...I'm lookin' at it in my rearview mirror from 48 and wishin' I could turn this speeding car around LOL! Also, lovin' the beach pics - we've been lucky enough to have mostly 80 degree days the whole winter so have gotten in some beach time, but we're supposed to get a big storm this weekend (finally!) so no beach for us for a while.