January 1, 2014

One day my titles will stop being about a broken heart, but for now I haz the sad.

I bought some totinos freezer pizzas today.  They're an easy quick lunch while I'm torching~ break 'em in half while frozen and you get 2 meals on the cheap.  I picked up that little tidbit in my very early twenty stupids...for which there is something to be said even though I wouldn't go back to them for a bazilliongrillion dollars.

Then tonight I went out for a little while.  Mostly because I have friends who can be total jerks if they don't get their way.  And by jerks I mean my phone didn't stop going off from noon on.  You HAVE to come out, Juls.  It is New Year's Eve.  Come out, Juls. Answer your phone, Juls.

I'm not going to stop talking until you show up, Juls.  Where are you, Juls?  So and So asked about you.  All of our old friends are here!  That's it.  We're coming over and dragging you back here.

See?  Jerks.  Loveable awesome caring people type jerks who really don't care how swollen my eyes are or how badly I need to cover my grey or that I'm as much fun right now as a box of rocks.

This is Ericca, and Ericca could make even satan smile.  If you don't have an Ericca in your life, please come to Alabama and let me introduce you.

For a little while
I felt almost normal.
I didn't cry.

I hadn't eaten all day,
so I decided on the above mentioned pizza
and while I've been writing
this happened ~

If you burn it, 
just toss it.

Trust me.




Happy New Year, loves.



  1. I'm so so so so so sorry and sad for you. I've been away from blogland, and not really on FB a lot either, and I had no idea. I hope you can heal soon, my love, and I wanted you to know that I will be praying for you. I know it's damn hard and feels impossible... but all things are possible and there is so much love out in the air for you. ((((((((((( Juls ))))))))))

  2. Little by little you will work yourself back up to the surface because . . . you're that woman.