January 2, 2014


I realized yesterday with much astonishment that the last bead embroidery project I created was last March.  Ten months ago.  If I didn't know I was telling the truth I'd be calling myself a liar.  Because months.  Ten.

(bugles, cubes, drops, triangles, hexes)

It motivated me to spend a good many hours putting those displays 
I picked up at the warehouse sale in November to use
and getting my pretties out where I can see them.

(delicas on a rotating stand)

Last night I decided to begin this year
working on something special,
and as soon as I get caught up
on Made to Order sets...

I searched in vain for more cross forms like the one
I'd used previously, but thankfully I know a local artisan cabinet builder
 who took on the job of creating them for me.
I love that the finished piece will be completely crafted
by the hands of creative hearts~
meticulously and with love.

My beading worktable this morning.
It made my soul smile.


To everyone praying for me, Thank you.
I can feel it, and it is working.

This pic is for you,
because silly is not something
I've been very good at lately.
I think it might coming back around
if this photo bomb is any indication.

Plus I totally look like Golem.

Go ahead and laugh.
I did.



  1. Work is the best medicine! So glad to see all those beads just waiting for you!!!

  2. I'm glad you found the thousands and thousands of those tiny-ass beads and hauled them all out. Visual stimulation always works for me.
    Bead, baby, bead!

  3. Awesome to see you getting your seeds out again!!!!