June 6, 2013

If a webstore is limited to 200 listings and you already have 200 listings but you also have 20+ new bead sets to list, how do you list that which needs to be listed without deleting the listings already listed?

 First, you'll probably want to kick me in the shin for giving you a brain cramp with that title....but then...

You drastically mark down prices on existing bead sets and focals and you also offer a 20% off coupon on those sale prices, that's how.

Seriously.  I've reduced focal prices by as much as $8, set prices by as much as $5, AND added a coupon!

Coupon Code:  SAVE20

No minimum purchase required.  $4 flat rate shipping in the US.  $8 to Canada and Mexico.  $12 everywhere else.

I know, y'all.  I know.  But I mailed a 2 oz package to Canada last week to the tune of $12.18 and holy wow.  I'm meeting you in the middle so I hope we can still be friends.

Plus all the recently new listings are included in the sale...  

because I love you like that.




(Sale is only valid on my website)
(which means unless you read my blog)
(or are a FB fan)
(you'll never even know it existed.)
(Unless someone tells you)
(Which is totally fine!)

(But you already know)
(Because you're here)
(Because you're smart)
(And pretty)

(Sale ends Sunday, June 9th)



  1. There's one problem with your sale - there's way too many gorgeous beads to choose from, but I guess it's a good problem to have! Thanks Juli and have a great weekend!

  2. Everything is so lovely! Wow! :D