May 31, 2013

Big Fat Shop Update!

One of my YaYas became a grandmother on Wednesday.
If you've never had the privilege of witnessing 4 southern women
(specifically us)
hanging around waiting for Julianna to enter the world,
I highly recommend it.

I'll let you guess who the favorite is, because Julianna.

Namesakes are special, y'all. 
They are automatically born 
extra awesome people.

In honor of our new girl
I made some necklace/bracelet focal pairs this week,
and I'm putting them on sale for $21.
Because Love.


New Beachy sets.

Because Beach!


New Color combos in fun funky shapes.

Because Summer!


New organics.

Because what's a shop update without some variety?

I'm working on the update now and should have everything listed in a couple of hours.

Go take a peek.

I think you'll be pleased with the prettiness.

And the prices.



  1. Awww, that's awesome... both the name and the miraculous life. Precious! I'm digging those mama/baby sets you've designed dear friend. It's right inline with my Legacy Jewelry collection I'm putting together. Can we just say... great minds! xo

  2. Oh, enjoy that namesake! My Rhavin Skylar is now seventeen and just a delight.

  3. Congratulations! That's awesome. I Iove the name, of course, and that you are her special role model. Lovely! I have one namesake and I've never met her. Sad.

  4. Oh, & BTW, these beads are totally gorgeous & awesome!