May 21, 2013

Because Beads.

Alabama finally woke up and remembered that it IS, in fact,

which means 90 degree temps and 143% humidity

in a studio with no air conditioning

which means the Great Face Melting of 2013 has commenced

and I need beach sand between my toes asap.

First World Problems.
Thank God I has them.



  1. These beads are so gorgeous! You've been a busy bee! Sorry about your heat & humidity. Sounds like Houston to me (so glad to be out of there!!!). Here we've had a couple 100 degree days but the humidity is like nuthin!

    Get yourself a kiddy pool and jump in whenever the face melt starts! Be the lampworker in the bathing suit!

  2. Amen to that! And I just had a flashback to August in Tuscaloosa -- the mad dash from the air conditioned car to the air conditioned house...and then I'd wonder how people survived before A/C, especially the ladies with their layers of crinoline!