January 23, 2012

This is what happens to me in Oregon.

I'm planning a shop update tomorrow ~ I've no shame in saying it is the most beautifully inspired work I've created in a long time.  You won't want to miss it.

I'm packing up my house and playing catch up on photographing all the new work, but I'll get back to regular bloggy blabber in the next few days.

Thanks for hanging out during my hiatus.  I've missed you!



  1. Oh. My. Gorgeousness. Breathtaking. The pictures are just surreal, Miss Juls! But the way that you have translated that inspiration into your work is so phenomenal. So many big things are happening. Take a deep breath and leap! You are already unfurling those sparkling wings.
    Enjoy the day!

  2. YUM OH!!!! Those beads are just plain GORGEOUS, FanDAMNtastic, beautiful, stunning, I WANT!!!! Good luck with the packing girl.

  3. Those are gorgeous!! I especially love that last set!

  4. Juli,
    Beauty inspires beauty! Your creations are gorgeous as only you can do. Have fun packing.

  5. Wow, the inspiration came across loud and clear in those fabu beads.
    What sort of time frame are we talking about, Juls? When's the big move?

  6. You've captured the essence of Oregon perfectly! Okay, we'll let you move here now!

  7. "Most beautifully inspired work" ?!!!! I would say so!! Oregon and you, a match that strikes fire!! I really especially love the sunset ones, you're in a new groove and it's a good place to be!!!