January 19, 2012

My inner child is acting like an angsty drama-filled teenager.

My body arrived back in Bama on Tuesday, and I'm hoping my heart and soul show up soon too.  So far I've accomplished a rather large pile of absolutely nothing, which means I am tripping over the open luggage taking up my living room floor.  I'm giving myself a gold star for at least opening it, but I kind of had to since I'm fond of brushing my teeth. 

I'm in love, y'all.  Oregon is .... there isn't a word good enough that can come close to even thinking about describing what Oregon is.  In a good way.  The best way possible in fact.   So this is where I tell y'all that I'm moving as soon as possible.  

I've lots of other things to tell y'all but I need to ride out the sudden and unexpected depression of no longer being in Oregon first, k?



  1. I think that once your soul gets hold of the right path there is no stopping it from happening. I feel that you and Oregon are soulmates and you are meant to be there. Let's make it happen, k? Now that you have that vista to look forward to, let that be your guide. You will get there. I know it.
    Enjoy the day, Miss Juls!

  2. Yes I will wait for you to be able to handle homesickness then I want you to promptly pack up the furbabies and your shiny shack and get back to Oregon!!!!!

  3. It looks magical, enormous, inviting and dramatic. I'll think you'll fit in perfectly.

  4. Ahhh, Oregon, one of my favourite places as well.

  5. Ugggh I feel your pain girlfriend! I spent quite a bit of time by the seaside over my holidays and am desperate for a "life change". I think it is going to be my aim in the next 5-10 years to make this happen (only because I know this can't realistically happen right away). I have some pics of my seaside adventures on my blog so be sure to check them out. The place I want to move to is Byron Bay in New South Wales in Australia...it's only 1.5hr drive from where we live now so it won't be a huge move WHEN we do it..note I say WHEN!!!

    Cheer up xo

  6. never been, but would love to go:) hope you get to go back.

  7. i found your blog via dawn doucette, i know this was a work of the "spirit"...so encouraged by your excitement over your move/transition. i'm there, this summer, but a little afraid...i know i didn't stumble on your blog by accident...thank you!