January 24, 2012

First Shop Update of 2012.

Does anyone else feel all empowered and mystical when you say TWENTY TWELVE?  It makes me feel like I should be wearing a magical cape and a tiara and shiny golden cuffs.    Strong.  Motivated.  Able.

This is going to be a year of much upheaval.  And of much settling down.  A year of change.  And a year of constants.  A year of happiness, of challenge, of moving on....for me, for many of my friends in the cyber world, and maybe for you, too.   Something tells me we are all going to ROCK IT, and I'm looking forward to sharing the ride.

I did a small update to the shop this morning, and I'll do another update tomorrow.  For now I'm working on getting the house photo worthy so it can go live, listed, and online tomorrow.    I'm hoping for an offer by Friday, and if I just jinxed it by typing that....I'll shoot for Saturday instead.



  1. *Sigh* You are so talented my friend! I just shared your post on Facebook! :)

  2. Love Love Love your happy outlook and stunning inspriations! You do ROCK IT girl!

  3. Love these beads. Are you going to share your inspiration for moving to Oregon?

  4. The orange makes me think of dipping my toes in orange jello. Ok, so I'm wierd. Their still gorgeous!

  5. GORGEOUS! And check out my blog later tonight, you'll see your beads!