December 1, 2011

Life is like a box of Hearts. You never know what kind of love you're gonna get. Unless you're getting it from me, in which case it is probably a little nutty.

It was 28 degrees when I took Chelsea out this morning.
In Alabama.
On December 1st.

That's the kind of thing that doesn't happen around here until mid January, and then it typically lasts for 5 minutes before Hell moves back in.  The weather these last couple of years makes me kind of wonder if there isn't a modicum of merit to that whole 2012 thing.

I think I'll work on some jewelry today because the shiny shack looks more like a frozen igloo, plus I have all these pretty hearts to play with and love makes the world a better place to be.  Even if it is a little crazy.



  1. Juli, those are some lovely hearts to play with have fun and stay warm. I was out in the cold at a quarter to 5 this morning in Montgomery on my way to work burr!

  2. Awwww, love these hearts Juls! You're all heart sista! Hope you are feeling better!

  3. Yes, and we all need your kinda love! You are an awesome lady, and I'm so glad to have the pleasure of getting to know you!

  4. Juls! Those are just holy wow gorgeous! I know, I am so descriptive today... blame the migraine that won't end. Your talent always just... floors me. I am in awe of what you do with glass!

  5. Love those hearts but love my new beads more (because they're in my hand not on a screen). Oh, these are so beautiful, Juls! I've been wanting to do a Nancy Dale colorplay kind of rope but couldn't figure out what colors. It will be the colors of these gorgeous beads. Thank you a thousand times again!