December 2, 2011

Why does Kitteh have Fat Face?

That is a baseball size swelling on the side of his face. 
It isn't a solid mass because it sort of jiggled when he sneezed.

Has anyone seen anything like this before?
Should I be freaking out like I already am?
I have a friend who has access to humane animal traps and since this one
(ironically enough I dubbed him "Face" from the get go because he has such a sweet one)
sneaks over to eat but won't let me get near him I don't know how else to catch him
for a vet trip.

Any ideas?


I'm sorry if the pic upset you,
and I hope this next one makes up for it.

The gay couple is finally okay with me catching them cuddling
and it only took a year of me feeding and snuzzling them.

Baby Boy + I think his leg is broken
True Love
4 Ehva Ehva!



  1. Awwwwww! Poor kitteh! I have no idea how to catch a cat, but I'll send you my pawsitive mojo wishes so that you can snatch him up and get him to the doctah!
    P.S. Your gay kitteh couple is Fab-U-LUSSSSSS!

  2. From what I can see, it's most like either ear or throat related - if he's swallowing ok, but sneezing, it may be that he has an infection in the ear canal and it's traveling toward his nose and throat. Definitely see if you can get him to a vet asap!!!!!! Don't want it to drain inward, that could poison him. Good luck!

  3. Awwwww...poor kitty!!! He definitely needs to see a vet. A humane trap is most likely your best bet unless you know someone with a catch pole. Maybe animal control would help you catch him & put him in a carrier so you can take him since they have catch poles? I've used traps to catch feral cats before. Problem is, you've got other cats that might sneak in, not to mention the racoons. It could be tricky, but it's for his own good!! Good luck & keep us posted!! Alicia

  4. Juli, It looks like he has been bitten by something and it is infected. It is urgent that you get the poor Kitteh to the vet to drain the infected area.
    The picture of the gay couple is adorable!

  5. Yikes on the golf ball neck thing. I can't imagine any good will come of letting it go but convincing him to get in the car for a trip to the vet's office probably isn't going to work, right?
    Sorry, no help from me. I do, however, like the gay couple pic. It made me smile.

  6. Juls it looks like an abscess to me and the fact you said it kind of jiggles could mean it's full of liquid (puss as in yucky stuff not puss as in pussy cat!). One of my cats used to get in fights all the time and she'd end up with huge abscesses on her head similar to this. If that is what it is then the vet will probably drain it and then put him on antibiotics..


  7. I agree with the comments above. I believe that is the lymph node area and if they're swollen it would indicate an infection or something else going on. I think your reason for concern is warranted and I'd get your baby to the vet asap.

  8. Hi Juls...well everyone above has the same idea as me...i'm thinging some kinda bite got infected...try to catch poor thing and gotta love the "gay couple" and you little Missy God bless you for taking care of the throw aways you have the biggest sweetest <3 to take care of the >^.^< you are amazing and i just wanna give u a big hug...tkae care and keep us posted ttfn Lana xoxo

  9. I have to agree. Face has a nasty abscess. Good luck on catching him and thank you for caring

  10. Good luck catching the cat! The humane trap might be the way to go. I have trouble catching my cats, and they are inside the house!!
    That lump looks like a huge abscess, and it really needs to be drained by a vet. So, I hope you can catch him, and the vet can handle him!
    Poor Kitteh! Poor Juls!!