December 13, 2011

I think I'll stop making beads now.

At least in the form of  sets like these Made to Order beauties~

As of this Friday at Noon I will be permanently removing these and all of the $15 sets from the StudioJuls inventory.

If you want to take advantage while you still can, please note the sets will be made in order of purchase and it could take a little time to process yours.  I'll make you a deal though....I'll appreciate your patience so you can then appreciate all of the love and careful attention to detail that I put into every single bead I make. 

'Cause that's how Rockstars roll.


I'm not quite ready to spill the beans yet, but the winds of change are blowin' and there are going to be some big ones.

To dispel any potential rumors.......these changes DO NOT INCLUDE any of the following:

~bank robbing (So I've considered it.  Hush.  I didn't actually do it.)
~death (knock on a wooden church pew)
~a sex change operation (HA~  made ya look!)
~Running for chieftain of an aboriginal tribe (although I do understand coors light laden southern click I would totally qualify)
~ pregnancy

See? Maybe I do have a little sense after all.



  1. Uhhhhh....menolikey where this may be going!!!!

  2. ok I'll have a set of #6... they are so pretty.