December 16, 2011

I'll think of a Post Title later, k?

(By request to give a few people a little more time I am extending the deadline for purchasing the $15 sets at Studiojuls until next Friday, Dec 23rd at noon.  That's the latest I can leave the made to order sets available in order to create and ship them before I take a 2 week break in January.  Thanks for the great response, y'all~ I'm on top of the orders and all sets purchased so far will ship by mid week.)


Do you know any bikers?  I'm talking the tatted out, Cut wearing, bandana and beard having badasses that drive around town on their loud motorcycles scaring small children and self righteous people (who ignorantly assume bikers are akin to gang members and thus a drug addicted, violent, wife beating menace to society).

Around these parts Bikers frequently hold something called a Poker Run...which is pretty much what it sounds like.  You pay an entry fee, ride from bar to bar and draw cards.  I'm sketchy on exactly how the game is played, but that isn't the point of this story so let's just pretend for now that you won.  Yay!

Poker Runs are fund raising events that have benefitted a myriad of people ~ sick children, Hospice, families left behind due to an untimely death...there are many reasons to hold one.  I've been to a couple and I'm not even sure I can express what a wonderful experience it is to share a day with so many generous and kind people.  When the speeches are made and thanks given, there isn't a dry eye in the house...and that includes the meanest looking dude in the bunch...because at the heart of the matter he too has a huge one.

There is a Poker Run tomorrow.  It is to benefit a family left behind when a beautiful light was extinguished in a car accident on Wednesday.   If you are the stereotyping type, you would have pegged Jamie as a biker right away.  Her arms were a canvas of ink, her chin pierced, her hair a different glorious color much of the time...but it was her smile that captured the most attention.  She was as genuine as they come and one of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure to know.  

Jamie left behind a husband, 4 children, and the love and gratitude of the many people she has contributed to helping in her short 35 years.  It was with her in my heart that these necklaces were created to be donated as one of the raffles at her benefit tomorrow.

This photo of  her is my favorite of the hundreds people have shared on FB over the last few days.  Such a poignant and beautiful moment in a loving and meaningful life:

Ride with Angels, Jamie.
You've earned it.



  1. I think that's awesome that you're donating those necklaces...Bikers are some of the most misunderstood "dudes" around. My uncle, Fred, was a biker till the day he died. He lived hard and wasn't above getting in a little trouble, but he was just a big teddy bear - figuratively AND literally...I mean, this man was the hairiest man I've ever seen.

    At one point, he went off on his own and we lost track of him...only to get a call from a friend who said she saw him in the latest issue of Easy Rider - even older and bigger than he'd been, you always knew him by the grizzly bear tattoo on his forearm...But, that was my mom's baby brother :o)

    But, again, I think you're awesome for helping out! I know that, when a soldier dies, they're the first ones there to welcome him home...and they always go out and raise money for children around Christmastime.

    The next time anyone stops to judge someone based on the "rough" biker exterior...Stop and rethink it...they all have moms, dads, and families that they love - and they would do just about anything for them.

    Merry Christmas! And, I'll be thinking of Jamie's family - both biological and the biker family she's got out there...

  2. The world needs more bright lights in it. You are one such light. I am sorry to hear that your friend Jamie's light has dimmed. Notice I didn't say extinguished. Because doing something like this keeps her light burning brightly as she shines down on us all.
    Enjoy the day.

  3. I am so sorry that you have lost your friend and that her family has lost their wife and mother, what a tragedy!! the necklaces are beautiful and they will be treasured by who ever wins one. Why do we insist on judging people by looks, skin color, body ink or religion?????????????????
    You are a star Juls!!

  4. You dear Juls know how to make a girl cry. My heart breaks for Jamie's family. You are an angel here on earth for creating, donating and spreading the message so others can help a family in their time of need! Sending love and light to Jamie's family, and praying for strength for them all.


  5. You're a rock star for donating that beautiful jewelry for the raffle and for helping to dispel stereotypes. Actually - truth be known, my BF ( BF) is a biker dude - loud Harley, tatts, pierced ears(with the thick horseshoe gauge type thingys), bald head (on which he sports a bandanna when he rides) and a long beard (which he recently trimmed up a bit) - and he looks mean. But, softest, kindest heart in the world. I'm sure your Jamie was of the same caliber of stereotyped people who are actually the salt of the earth! Sending positive ju-ju to her family for strength.

  6. I live a block off the main drag here in my small time. There's nothing I like more than seeing a group of bikes come rumbling through town. I can look through the fence in my back yard and see them going in one direction or run out the front door and stand at the curb and check them out going the other direction.
    I have seen many of these groups stop at one of our local restaurants just outside of town while they're on a poker run. Great bunch of caring people.
    I'm sorry about your friend's death, Juls.