December 13, 2011

Sometimes yelling GIMME THAT at the top of your lungs actually works.

Although it probably helps to have a good relationship with the person at whom you are screaming.  And to maybe not actually BE screaming.  But you get what I'm saying, right?  Good.  Could you explain it to me?

This came in the mail yesterday, and I'm glad I snapped some pictures right away because I have since licked all of the clear glass right off the top. 

It is impossible to capture the sparkle and depth and swirling colors of what is quite possibly my favorite cabochon ever.   (Please don't tell turquoise I said that.)

I really really reallyreallyreally love y'all, but you could yell GIMMETHAT 'til the cows come home and this baby still stays with me.    I'll give it a lick for ya though.

Do yourself a righteous and go take a peek at this crazy good stuff~

Brent Graber

Just don't tell him I sent ya, k?



  1. Whoa! Beautiful. The universe in a bead...

    Hey - how's big neck kitty?

  2. It could be an undiscovered galaxy! It's really "out there", ha ha. You are a privileged lady to have it!

  3. WOW! That is incredible, Juls! Absolutely.. just.. WOW! You lucky, lucky lass!

  4. Holy cow! And I thought of Brent immediately!

  5. I could dive right into that bead and never be seen alive again.