October 6, 2011

If you'll give me your opinion on something I'll give you a kiss on the mouth. Or you know, maybe just a virtual hug.

First I thought I'd share a photo of 2 of the "strays" (theyarenotmycats.  theyarenotmycats. theyarenotmycats) that I feed 9 times a day.

You think that's too much?  You try sitting here with a bunch of kitty faces peering in the door ~ first at you and then in the direction of where the cat food is stored.  And then back at you.  And then back in the catfood direction.  And then back at you.  It's like the Wimbledon of MEOW.

Baby Girl (who is not a girl at all...I should really investigate that before assigning them fake names because now he is pretty much stuck with that moniker.) showed up in the middle of winter, climbed into Baby Daddy's basket lined with towels and never left. So I added another basket for Baby Daddy, because he is not my cat.   I think his leg is broken (and it was) showed up early this year, climbed into the basket with baby girl, and likewise never left.   They sleep hugging each other.  It is adorable and I've tried so many times to get a photo....but as soon as I turn the door handle they both hop out and look at me like "What?  We weren't doing anything!  Where's the food?" 

Let's review, shall we?
I have a cat named Baby Daddy.
I feed strays every day
including the gay couple above.

I am a DOG girl.


Now if y'all would be so kind as to tell me
which one of these pictures you like best,
find most appealing, suggest I continue using,
I would be most appreciative.

Organic slate background or gradient white?

available at StudioJuls.



  1. You are too funny! I love your cat stories because although I appreciate them I am a dog girl and I am horribly allergic to cats. Excuse me while I sneeze at their cuteness.
    I much prefer the organic background. The lighting is great. The pieces look soft and more approachable, if that is even possible in a bead. But that is just my style of bead. I would still buy either one. They are so YUM.
    Now, about that kiss, er, I mean hug.....
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Kiss, kiss, kiss!
    And then I sneeze as I am very allergic to cats. Too cute though.

    I like the organic background. It is warmer and seems to show off the colors better.

    my 2-cents.

  3. Two out of three agree. I like the plain vanilla background better. I found the organic one competing with the beads and the beads blending into it. Nothing competes in the plain background making the colors and shapes pop to the foreground.

  4. LOL..yep that's what my neighbor and i say..not our cats...when asked, we respond..oh those are our neighbors cats who eat our cats food..yea ..right..
    i like the vanilla..your beads are so beautiful nothing should conflict with their lovely colors

  5. I muchly prefer the organic background - I think the beads look warmer and also, more sophisticated etc. Really like it. Hope I tip the balance! ;-)

  6. PS love the little gay cats. Too cute! I couldn't resist the strays either. And I am also seriously allergic to the kitty cats! Thanks for making me smile.

  7. Organic. And I could seriously use the hug today, so thanks.

  8. I like the organic background. You are a cat person or else the cats think that you are!

  9. That's a tough question. I think some of your beads would be great with the organic background, and others would compete and blend. Maybe use both depending on what colors you're photographing. That way you have 2 options.

  10. I will take the hug and say the organic one really give the beads another perspective and the white shows the colors so clear. Hummm I guess I have to say I like them both. I know no help but please I really need the hug!
    I would tell you that you ARE a cat person and completely in denial OR these little furry friends are just trying to see how far they can make you go. LOL

  11. I'm going organic. Unlike my bud Sally, I think the colors in the slate complement the beads, and the total white is cold. :)
    I grew up with cats, and understand and appreciate them. Totally. However, I have a hubs and daughter who are allergic. So now I'm a dog girl.
    The bad part for you? These cats have decided you are now their human. :) so just go with it. Their catitudes are what keep life interesting.

  12. Ok, I can't decide which background. I love the concept of the organic but I do see where people think the colors are too similar to the beads. So maybe a more contrasting organic background (like the slate type that I associate with Erin's photos?).

    The white looks very "professional" or clinical or technically "correct"?! I am struggling here but hope you get my drift.

    Love the gay cats :)

  13. I like the organic background. Gentler.

    Orange kitty looks like our dearly departed Sparky. Are his paws pink? Sparky was very lovey, and bisexual. And very invested in his food! We said we'd adopt the next orange kitty we met but really don't have the room. thanks for taking care of them!

  14. Hi Juls...boy i sure have missed your whimcycle,humerous posts...if i ever need a smile i sure know which blog to look for...you are an amazing kind and generous soul...i love animals too and feed several strays and if i have a great week of sales will often share with the pound by dropping off goodies for all of the furry friends in need of forever homes...they love unconditionally.
    you rock my dear ttfn Lana :)

  15. organic background is best...really like the way the color pops. The cat business is just to funny thanks for the giggle.