October 4, 2011

Gorgeous Glass.

Instead of cleaning off my torch table
I decided to use up what was on it
to create some random beauty.

This is basically an entire Skillz Day

at a wicked awesome price.



  1. OMG! Those are to die for. I wish I were a wealthy woman! Want so much!!! Beautiful beads, Juls!!

  2. I've always wanted to do the same thing with all the stringers I have in a heap on my torch table. Thanks for the inspiration. If I can find some time this afternoon, I'll give it a try. Maybe use the same base but get all crazy like with the stringer, eh?
    Stay tuned.

  3. These orphans just found a new home. Wish I could provide a home for some of your kitties, too. But out 17 year old cat, Wormwood would disagree heartily.