October 6, 2011

...I'm in it. How could I not be?

Baby Daddy.
He may have claimed me first,
but where I go
he goes.

This next beauty is
He is I think his leg is broken's brother,
and after 9 months
he will finally
not run away
from the human with the food.
(I suspect he has ear mites)
(So does I think his leg is broken)
(They are such sweet hard luck kittehs)
(I am going to feed them...)
(but I can't afford to fix everything)
(If you want to adopt either or both)
(I'm willing to travel to find him or him)
(or any of them)
(a forever home)

Such a sweet face.

This was my front walk
tonight ~

You've already met the precious
I think his leg is broken.

Next up is
"I have a home"
He/she is a gorgeous piglet,
is well cared for and
 pretty much just shows up to eat.

Lil' Mama is a tiny thing that had her babies
earlier this year
in the woods out back.
I never could find the babies.
My vet is awesome though
and lets me make payments
when I bring in the strays
to prevent more strays.

Human. NO!
is a talker.
She talks and talks and rowrs and purrs.
(I'll catch a pic of her one day)
(and yes I checked to see if she was a girl before calling her a girl)

Pretty Girl
is one of 5 beauties that my neighbor
up the road tossed out
when they moved.

She is so sweet and gentle
and I am sort of in love with how much
she favors Baby Daddy.
I'm not so much in love with
 the character of the former neighbor.

Crazy Cat Lady World...



  1. The cats in your little cat colony are so cute! It's amazing that people think they can just toss out an animal like that! I do cat rescue/fostering through a local rescue group out here in Raleigh. I have my 2 dogs & my 2 cats and then I also have 3 foster kitties staying with me. Let me tell ya that earmites are no fun & extremely contagious!! One of the strays I brought in had them (I just thought her ears were dirty, didn't know they were mites) & I ended up having to treat ALL 7 of the animals in my house (& one of them is still skittish around me, even after a year of fostering)! Have you considered contacting a rescue group?? They typically pay the medical bills while you provide shelter/food/love until they find a forever home. It might save ya a little bit of money!! :0) I applaud you for taking care of the kitties & for preventing more stray kitties! It's tough, but rewarding, but tough!!! Alicia "I am not anonymous" Coats

  2. I, too, have had my share of kittehs over the years. At one point, there were 2 litters - like, 9 total cats on the porch! They "belong" to my neighbor, who thinks if you don't "over feed" them, they'll catch more mice. Their cats are mostly uncared for, except by me. The colony dwindled, due to disease.
    Now, I have a little mommy cat (Zena), originally from next door. She had one baby 4 years ago (Zorro, son of Zena). She was scheduled to get spayed, but the vet was unable to do it right away, and, well, she had 3 boy kittens the following Spring (Francis, Boris & Curtis). When I got the 3 boys and Mommy fixed, I found a "coupon" online through "Spay and Save". They partner with local vets, a spay & neuter for a nominal charge. It saved me lots of money, and hopefully will give them long lives.
    Juls, you are so kind-hearted. Props to you girlfriend, but you need to give your kittehs proper names!!

  3. One-Eye, Rashy, and I send kitty love from Virginia!