September 9, 2011

* Used as a synonym for bitch because I try to keep this blog family friendly.

I've been asked so many times if I watch SoA, and every time I respond in the negative with "nah, I caught half an episode and just couldn't get into it" whomever has done the asking kind of snarls at me. 

(For those of you also not in the know, SoA = Sons of Anarchy, a show about a biker club which I assumed meant beating women, doing drugs, and shooting people.  Feel free to judge me for judging.)

I found myself flipping through Netflix and came across the first 2 seasons of SoA and decided that maybe if I started at the beginning I could discover why my friends might kind of hate me for not liking it.  Within the first 5 hours I was Truly Madly Deeply in love with Jackson and wanted to nominate Katey Sagal for every possible award (including best male lead, the woman's badassery knows no bounds).  That is all I am going to say because I'm working on my snarl and if you don't like or check out the show for yourself let me know so I can practice it on you. 

And I know what you're thinking...that I didn't actually watch 5 episodes consecutively.  You're right.  It was more like 11.     OCD, y'all.  I speak it.

I was 33% correct (there is a lot of shooting) but I'm hooked. What's more I found myself inspired by Gemma~ the solid, strong, savvy* queen mother of the club~ and this cuff is the result.

Custom handmade glass cabochon
Upcycled Leather

I still have 6 episodes of the second season left to watch, so if anyone needs anything before 5pm call someone else, k?



  1. Oh sista I so love SoA!!! I have been hooked and waited for this season to start! Katie is totally amazing and Jackson has my heart! Glad you are now part of the "family"!

  2. Oh and girlfriend I totally love love love that cuff!!!!!!!!

  3. Hmmm... I could feel you snarling a bit at me. I watch so little TV. If it isn't Project Runway (I want to be the one to make custom jewelry to go with each outfit so at least Nina Garcia would have something nice to say about each of the contestants when their outfits look like crap ;-), Glee (don't judge - I am a fanatic and I want a spot as the recurring substitute teacher who gets to sing with Matthew Morrison - move ovah Gwyneth! A new teach is in town!) and Raising Hope (if you haven't seen that, I might snarl at YOU! But make sure you go to Hulu or NetFlixs and start at the beginning. You won't be disappointed!). And if it isn't on the Disney channel (the only thing I will watch is Phineus and Ferb and Good Luck Charlie. What? They are really good!) or American Pickers (can't.get.enough) or ESPN (we are all sports all the time at our house) or some crazy WWE smackdown (my husband with the original Hulk Hogan figurine from the 80s is loving that his son is now into the smackdown or whatever it is called so that he can come out of the closet. Not THAT sort of closet;-) it isn't on. Or at least I don't see it. But maybe on your glowing (and snarling) recommendation, I might be, I mean, persuaded to check it out.

    Will the queen badass receive one of your cuffs in the mail to wear on a show? Then you know I would be a fan.


    Enjoy the day, Miss Juls!

  4. Welcome to the club! Like you, I got hooked when my roomie brought home DVDs last winter. Obsessed. The writing is soooooo good! And the acting. Season 4 is off to a great start!

  5. Yay! SOA is my my late night viewing pleasure over here in the UK and I love Jacks too. Gemma would rock that awesome cuff - love it1

  6. Ok, I have had the same thoughts run thru my head when I saw commercials for it, so I might have to rethink, huh? Cause any show that inspired that STUNNING cuff, has gotta be worth watching! That is seriously bad a..!

  7. Hey Juls, I've seen one or two episodes of SoA and I like the show but I'm not in control of the boob tube so I don't always get to watch what I want. So does this mean I get a snarl? I'm going to have to get it on Netflix and watch them all at one time when I have that much time to spend catching up. Of course it will have to be on the computer, since you know I don't have control of the TV. I have known a couple of women like Jackson in my day. I love the cuff and I agree with Lesley.

  8. I LOVE SoA!! Can't wait for Sept 20th New Season!!! Your cuff is awesome too!

  9. I've only seen bits and pieces but know that I would love it! My kinda a show for sure. But I'm so anal if I don't see a series from the start I don't watch it because I had coming in in the middle, I know, stupid. But now I am going to get it and watch a marathon like you. And what's better than beading while doing it? Love the cuff!

  10. Love the cuff, so Biker but beautiful too. Your glass piece is amazing. I always come to you when I need a good laugh and another little prick of inspiration. You never let me down.

  11. I had this same reaction to The Sopranos ( back when we had HBO) and got completely sucked in ...and yes I watch SoA too. LOL

  12. That cuff is amazing. And sorry, I've never heard of SoA. The only time the tv is on is when hubs is home and he watches Syfy channel, cnbc, news, sports or an occasional movie. I prefer the tv off and the house quiet :o)

  13. You can snarl at me. But I love the cuff!