September 11, 2011

Mardi Gras. Got some?

Every day around here is a bit like Mardi Gras.  Only without giant cups of beer.  And there aren't any drunk girls flashing boobs for beads. And the floor doesn't smell like something that once was (and still should be) inside a person's stomach.

Ok so maybe the only Mardi Gras-ish thing I've actually got going on is my bead stash. 

Close Enough.

Vintage Czech Glass Cabochon
Upcycled Leather



I'm not going to honor the atrocities
 of 10 years ago today by rehashing
the horror of watching it unfold.
What I will do is
honor the memory of those lost
and the incredible selfless bravery
of those who fought to save others
with every ounce of love and gratitude
my heart is capable of.

I'm here.
I remember you.



  1. Lovely cuff! My bead stash resembles Mardi Gras too, some of my favorite colors.
    Thanks for sharing and I agree with your 9/11 thoughts. We should Commemorate, not celebrate.

  2. Beautiful cuff Juls! A Well said tribute to those of 9/11