September 7, 2011

I'll just be over here hugging the air.

That Tropical Storm Lee...he sure knows how to get back on someone's good side.  After months of triple digit temps and quad digit humidity in which I drowned several times, yesterday's and today's low 70s make me want to kiss Alabama on the mouth.

Open windows and cool fresh air!  The Kitteh was a little confused by this phenomenon,

but she eventually figured it out.


Instead of turning on the AC in the shiny shack yesterday
I opened the doors out there as well.

Which means that kiss I mentioned above?
Would totally involve tongue.

Newly listed
$10 Twinster sets.
(only 2 of each available)



  1. You make me laugh every morning! Thanks!

  2. This weather we are having is fantastic, I just hope it stays around for a little while.

  3. Throw them winds kisses for me too for making my sista celebrate!

  4. Girl, I'm thinkin' we need to get you a date with some maleness....just sayin' :)

  5. Knowing you as I do - now - I knew there had to be some tongue.
    Enjoy those temps!

  6. Poor kitteh... so much confusion! LOL Yeah for less.than.hell temperatures. I'm digging the fall colors in your beads as of late! Hope your day is superb!