September 5, 2011

Reverse Engineering

I found myself wanting to bead last night, so I slipped a movie into the laptop, started digging around in my focal stash and...drew a complete blank.

When all fails, break out your favorite colors and make the base for a cuff.  Eventually the perfect focal piece will become evident.  At least according to the voices.

(not digging either of those at the moment)
(but that could change)


Check out these gorgeous $10 sets ~

It is raining monkeys and hyenas with this storm, sideways playful giant drops that land in your ears and whisper "you should be at the beach right now" before laughing uproariously.   I'm gonna go ahead and forgive them though, because I actually do have an idea I've been noodling for a few months and the weather dictates today is as good as any to try it out.

Tomorrow's photo will either be of something wicked cool or utterly disastrous.  If it turns out to be the latter let's blame the monkeys, k?



  1. I like the glass focal bead Juls, but that's just me!

  2. Sometimes inclement weather gives us an excuse to hole up and get down to business. Triple digits and menopausal misery are helping me to be very productive this time of year. Hope you weather the storms okay. We have been watching the news and wincing for all those drenched people. I will be back to see what you have made...

  3. That cuff looks like an amazing start to something fabulous! Don't ban me from the art world, but I especially like the spotted focal bead, but I haven't seen your whole stash :) Also lovin' those $10 sets and hope they will be a regular offer, I 'm hoarding the one I have, but if I knew more were coming, well, I could relax and maybe actually use a couple of them! Sorry you had to be in the storm's path, that was a nasty one!

  4. So - it's tomorrow. How'd the noodling go?