September 6, 2011

Coming out of the closet.

Yesterday's experiment is still underway because those monkeys?  While very cute, they are mischievous brats.  I'm working on the second trial run today so more on that later.


Yesterday I found myself coming in from the studio and heading to the closet where I stood for longer than I care to admit trying to remember why I was there.  That walk~in is pretty much a catch all for things that aren't needed year 'round, art supplies I haven't touched since I shoved 'em in there 5 years ago, clothes, and everything else I have too much of.    What I'm trying to say is there is lots of SHINY! so I'm not going to feel bad about forgetting why I am there even during those times I'm standing there naked with hangers of clothes in my face.

The reason I am telling y'all all this is that yesterday I was making beads and stopped for some reason that dictated immediate closet presence ~ a reason that was immediately forgotten upon closet entry.  I stood there a good little while surveying to see if anything would remind me before giving up and shutting the door.

I could tell you what I was thinking about for the rest of the day, but how's about I show you instead?

It is only because I have incredible self restraint that I am not walking through a house totally decked out for the holidays right now.

It is also why you are seeing Christmas Beads on my blog in September.  

These aren't really Christmasy
but I probably didn't need to tell you that~

available at



  1. I'm so envious of your closet space! But if I had one, it would be stuffed! Don't feel bad, millions of people open their refrigerators, closets, cabinets, go downstairs, upstairs, and never know why! I bought an iPod to eliminate that waste of time process. Record a note to self on the iPod, keep it close. But I FoRGot I had it :{ !! Thanks for reminding me! I thought I could see my name on those orangey/turquoise ones, gotta have a new iPod page for those!

  2. Yeah, I'm not such a traditional color person either, so those orange and blue ones were calling my name too! My tree is usually blue/silver, or burgundy/forest green. So far the only way I have found to remember why I went to that room/closet/area, is to go back to the place I was at when I had that thought! Then it hits me and I get to walk back again!!!

  3. Wow, I covet your closet. I don't have a walk-in. I have a scoot-sideways-in. My husband has a hillbilly-bar-hanging-off-the-wall closet. Our house is old (1836), apparently people didn't need closets back then. Poor suckers had like 2 nails in the wall. One for their overalls and one for that Sunday dress.