August 7, 2011

Two posts in one day. Someone give me a book deal already.

It's been gray and rainy for well over a week and according to the forecast we can expect another 10 days of the same.  Which means we are now experiencing  the other of our 2 seasons in southern Alabama...having just left hot and sticky humid to enter OMG It's too wet hot to breathe and I'm afraid if I try I'll drown in the air.

So.  Autumn.  Does anyone want some as much as I do?  I mean other than the fact you'll be glad when I shut up about the fact that I hate summer in Alabama and I'm hot and williteverendthissucks!?, don't you also miss your fall clothes?  In an effort to be prepared for those 4 blissful days of temperatures under 180, I lovingly unpacked my single bin of sweaters and cords last week.  Then I turned the A/C down to 43 and had myself a little fashion show in front of the closet mirror.    Yep.  I'm livin' the life, yall!  Please try not to be jealous of the glam.

So now you know why I melted some gorgerous fall colors the very next time I hit the shiny shack:  Mama is ready to get the cold ON.

If you'd like to get a head start on your Fall designs,
you'll find these in my Etsy Shop

along with some Blue Opal Nuggets~

and a matchy Blue Opal Heart~



  1. Yummy Autumn and Ice in the same post...I am cooling off as we speak!

  2. You know what happens when you type a comment and hit enter, then forget that you have to type the goofy word? You lose your comment! Oh well. Just wanted to say thanks for the laugh anyway! ;)

  3. I just said the other day that we here in MI are so damned happy to see spring it's pathetic and then, long about the last week of July, we start jonesing for Sept.

  4. Yes, fall doesn't arrive here until Halloween and it is usually a quick overnite change from 100 something to the shocking 40's or lower at night with screaming wind but I am still looking forward to it too. We have had an unusual amount of humidity this year for here but I can't imagine what you are living in... I love your dark blue and brown beads- secretly coveting it...wish I could win the lotto and spend , spend , spend.....

  5. I am new to your blog and have to say, yes you need a book deal and OHH MYYY everything is so pretty