August 8, 2011

30 Days of Fun ~ Day 1

After waking up at 4 am this morning, and I mean WIDE AWAKing up (that's what I get for going to bed before 10)~ I made this necklace with 1 of 2 focals that were originally created as options for a custom order.  This one was passed over in favor of the other which made me secretly scream squee.  It isn't often I keep something for myself, but this one's mine.


I got the idea for 30 Days of Fun from the Mighty Maggie, who's blog has held my attention for 6 years. Because she is a genius.



  1. Oh that looks stunning on you! I hope to keep up with your 30 days of fun but franky it is anything but fun around here right now!

  2. I'm thinking the crazy freak that passed that focal up is nucking futz! LOL And that the crazy freak might just want to change her mind right.about.NOW!

    Sending you lots of positivity for a GREAT week Juls!

  3. wow, that is beautiful! and definitely looks great on you! It is nice to treat our selves to something nice now and then!

  4. Beautiful Juls...but then they always are!

    I hear you...don't you hate waking up so darn early? I least you put your time to good use! :~)