August 30, 2011

And we'd honeymoon next to the colors in the second set.

I had a marathon torch session yesterday and finished making the last of my outstanding bead orders.  Since it was only 8pm and I was ridin' a mojo high I went ahead and made a few more $10 sets to replenish StudioJuls. 

This one right here?  Probably my favorite color combo ever.  They've started machine pulling the purple (because hello!  It wasn't broken, so let's change it!) and now this delicious fuschia purple is almost a memory.  Unless of course one has a stash of the original EDP.  Or an extra arm to throw out in order to buy some from someone willing to sell it.    Anyway, I'd probably marry this color:



  1. Can I have an affair with them?

  2. OMAGAH!~ That purple is to DIE for! And guess what? It's MINE! ALL MINNNNNEEEEE!!!

  3. I would take the first group to lunch.
    I would take the second set to a beach party.
    I would take the third set to a county fair.
    I would take the fourth set on a sunset cruise.
    The fifth set and I would go salsa dancing.

  4. I love your readers Juls! Ellen.... you win the funny prize today! :o) The first set... drool, drool, drool. LOVE It!!