August 31, 2011

It is 8:13 am and I have already cleaned and strung 100 beads. I've also already eaten an old fashioned cake style sour cream donut and had a cup of coffee the size of a small child.

I am not a coffee drinker, and by not a coffee drinker I mean I might drink coffee 3 times a year.  I woke up with a fierce sweet tooth this morning and thought Calories be damned I'm having a donut and some coffee!  Now I'm sitting over here completely bloated out but totally satisfied and smiling thanks to the mom and pop donut shop up the street.   Suck it, Krispy Kreme.

I made some twinster sets yesterday~

$10 a set


  1. Ummmm yeah well so much for the coffee I was drinkin when I pulled this up! Those beadies are stunning!!!!!

  2. Yum! Love these new beads! You're on a roll!! And I am with you in telling Krispy Kreme to suck it - ick!! It's all about Shipley's Donuts here in Houston :o)

  3. A good cake donut can NOT be beat. Easily eaten them for breakfast many a time.
    The twins are pretty darned cute, kid.

  4. *love*! These wee spotties are the best :-)