August 29, 2011

I think its time I wrote something random, don't you?

Top 5 reasons my nails look like crap:

1)  I'm a week over due on my fill.
2)  Because I spent my mani money at the vet last week.
3)  And at the bar Thursday night.
4)  And Saturday.
5)  Stop looking at me like that. 
6)  I'm single.
7)  And I like to play darts.
8)  This counting thing is too much like math.

Also, have you ever checked out your Celebrity Doppleganger?  I tried it a couple of years ago and got Helen Mirren.  But not Helen Mirren at 40.  More like Helen Mirren at 60 something.  Which means that whole doppleganger website can kiss my lily white grits because if we are basing it on facial features I'm actually much more of a Dory.

Brilliant, that one.



  1. LOL..i need a little brooch to wear with the second on your list on it..or "Hey!! stop lookin' at my toes that money went to the Vet".

  2. Dory is my FAVORITE cartoon character of all time. I knew there was another reason why I love you, Miss Juls!
    Come by my blog and see how your orphan beads grew up, will you?
    Enjoy the day!

    And just in case you can't find me in your blog roll, here is the link!

  3. Oh heavens! I so needed that moment of randomness!! Thanks girl!

  4. You think Helen Mirren is bad...the first picture I tried I got Annette Benning which I can live with but the second one gave me Eddie Murphy... now not sure if you are already aware but A) I am not male... and B)I am not an African American!

    Seriously...Eddie Murphy??? Now I think that tops Helen Mirren anyday!!


  5. You always make me smile Juls and this morning, your face and Dory looking like you was JUST what this girl needed. THANK YOU!

  6. I'll have to check that out. Not done that before.

    I agree - Dory for sure. haha Plus Dory is adorably cute - Es cap a I love that part.