July 31, 2011

Seriously. Who reads this stuff?

You know that nagging feeling you get for absolutely no reason and the harder you try to ignore it the more persistent it becomes?  I'm not talking about the one that complains you just went to bed with your makeup on.  It is usually pretty easy to shut that one up because the vodka/tequila/jaeger doesn't really give a crap that you are clogging your pores and all you know is that it is timetobeasleepthankyouverymuch.

I'm talking about the feeling that hangs on for days, even weeks, and is just loud enough in your head to be annoying enough that you call all of your friends and family to make sure you haven't missed a birthday.  The one that makes you check the oil in your car even though you *just* had the oil changed.  The one that makes you start to think that 40 is actually the new 80 and you'd better go stock up on Geritol and Depends.

I had that feeling for almost 2 weeks this month, and I am not ashamed to tell you that I fell just a little more into the crazy.   Then one day the nag crawled out of my ear, slapped me on the forehead and said "Duh".

This Julsbeads Blog thing?  I wrote the first post 2 years ago today.    On the one hand it seems like forever ago and in the other hand I have a celebratory chocolate covered donut which I am washing down with a Dr Pepper the size of my head.

There's actually a double cause for celebration (which is why I got the twin pack of donuts.  Don't judge).

Two years ago today, after discovering that Feebay had moved beyond the smoking of price increase crack and was now injecting our cash straight into their money machine via a needle, I also re-opened an Etsy shop.

I recently poked around and discovered that this blog has 72k+ views (Y'all must be stupid bored.  Or maybe being forced to read Julsbeads is the new Chinese Water Torture.  likely.)  I also have 770+ Etsy sales, which made me wonder if I might likewise have as many blog posts.  Big fat fail on that last one, but donut #2 is preventing me from caring.

For those of you still reading, congratulations!  You've arrived to the point where this post becomes meaningful~ because there is both a sale and a giveaway about to start up in here.

Sale:  in honor of 2 years, 20% off ALL ETSY LISTINGS!  And darlins, there are 174 different listings of gorgeous to pick from.    A HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FOUR....that's a milestone for me on the number of  listings at once.....but I don't mind saying I'd love nothing more than to have an empty store right about now.

Which means you should shop, and shop well. 

And Why should you shop and shop well?  BECAUSE OF THE GIVEAWAY!

Here's the deal.  I am going to give away 2 Own My Skillz Days ~ half days each ~ in a drawing made up of the people who take advantage of the Etsy sale and write DONUT! in a note when checking out through Etsy.  The 2 winners can select color preferences and focals or sets, but I get to play designer beyond that and send them each a package of surprise.  That's a $75 value for free.  TWICE.

And there's more!  If you refer someone to my shop and they make a purchase, you BOTH get entered into another drawing from which I will be drawing 2 names to receive a FREE SET OF BEADS!  Simply have that person enter YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS in the note section upon checkout, and you both go in the hat!  And by the hat I mean that black one over there sitting on my head.  It's my lucky Draw A Name from THIS HAT hat.

There's more!

I'm also offering 20% off all listings at StudioJuls.   And another drawing!  Here's how it works~ spend a minimum of $20 (after the discount and before shipping), leave the comment DONUT! and you will be entered into the drawing to receive a $20 gift certificate that can be used either at StudioJuls OR at Julsbeads!  Or if you prefer, you can opt to receive a $20 refund toward your purchase price.  Which means you just got your stuff FOR FREE.

Side Note~ be sure to check out the Pandora necklace listing.  They seriously rock.

The Coupon Code for both shops is DONUT.

So there ya go.  In honor of 2 years there are 2 sales at 20% off.  There are 3 ways to win though, because I'm just gonna go ahead and celebrate the birth of year 3.  New beginnings kind of rock, dontchathink?

This is a FLASH SALE, which means I'm not going to tell you when it ends.  Because I am a big meaniehead.  Or because I have a certain goal and when that goal is reached the sale is over....whether that be tonight or September.   Except I'm kidding about September because I'll forget about it way before then.

If you'd like to blog, tweet, or FB this post you'll automatically win my undying gratitude and maybe a bite of this donut.  

And for those of you who maybe can't take advantage of the sale (and those of you who do!) but hung with this post all the way to the end?  I'd like to hear from you, and please include your email address.   I will draw 1 name from the comments in this post for another FREE SET OF BEADS!  I get to pick which set though, because helloooo.  MEANIEHEAD!



  1. well I left a post and it just deleted it :/

    lets do this again:)
    i am posting 1. to leave my address so I can enter the drawing andriamckee@hotmail.com
    2. I wanted to say that you are so amazing and gifted. a truly talented woman with a good heart! I love ya girl..not being nice to win lol

  2. I found you through Andria McKee on Facebook!!

    I am really excited for you! I love lampwork and making it is a challenge for me, but a wonderful hobby! {which is why I still buy more than I make}

    Hope you reach your goal quickly!! Just wait until after I go buy something! ;)


  3. Seriously!! Do people really go to your post and NOT read all the way to the end?!? I cannot imagine it! You're who I want to be when I grow up.....oh, except I'm already older than you, so I guess that won't work! LOL.

    I would love to get entered into your giveaway by purchasing something, but unless I win the lottery soon I will just have to enter into the 3rd option. Here is my email address.... rockcreekcreations@gmail.com

    Thanks for bringing some rays of sunshine, donuts, Jaeger and everything else you bring...

  4. Of course I read the whole thing! Who wouldn't? I am so sad (ok, not really sad -- mad really) that I blew my budget on the last StudioJuls sale. I am on a very strict No Bead Buying Budget (the dreaded NBBB). I hate it cuz I love your stuff so much but that's the sad tale. NBBBs are sad.

  5. I read this stuff! And I'm seriously NOT bored, I'm working on a charity auction piece at the mo.... You know my email, but I'll put it anyway, sweetie - nedale67@aol.com

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to shop.

  6. Happy blog anniversary!

    Your posts never fail to make me smile. I know that nagging feeling far too well, but if it had been me, I would have figured out the significance about the middle of next week.

    And to enter your third drawing before heading off to check out your listings, here's my email address: kwswattle@gmail.com

  7. Always enjoys your posts. Hope to win your beads. mkaymac@gmail.com

  8. Happy Anniversary!

    I HAVE to read all your posts because otherwise I might miss something so funny it makes me snort my. Dr. Pepper! My email is kathryn7@gmail.com.

  9. I really look forward to your posts, what can I say you make me smile, and we can all use a smile now and then! I did order a set of beads, I just can't resist......

  10. Hey Juls, I got such lovelies the last time I bought a half-day who can resist this opportunity. I am going to your shops to look next. Hope to buy a couple goodies and my email is heatherp22@msn.com. You probably already know that but it's burried in donut crumbs. Congrats on 2 years of making people smile, laugh and ogle your beauties!I'm hoping you have a few dog bones left and something else wonderful!!

  11. Congratulations on the milestones!

    I made several pairs of earrings from the last batch of beads I got from you, and people nearly snatched each pair right off of my body. So at great personal risk (yes, I would arm wrestle someone for Juls Beads!), I'd love to be entered in the third drawing. Beadsong@aol.com!

  12. Thanks for such an awesome giveaway and sale! I absolutely love your beads!



  13. Congrats Juls! Two years! Holy Canoli...or Donut! Yay for you! Sorry, gotta go...off to shop for more Julsbeads now. You know me, can't miss a sale! BAHAHAHA!

  14. Congrats! But girlfriend, you are bad news for my pay pal account :-)

  15. Congratulations to two years of bloging! Since I already have spent my beadshopping money this month (on some of your 10$ sets among other things :D ) I thought i would commment here.
    /Jenny Vidberg (Shyme Design)

  16. You not a meaniehead! Okay, well, maybe a little.... For not bringing more donuts to share. lol! Congrats on 2 years! That's very cool! I wish I could participate in the Etsy sale and giveaway, but alas, summer session is ending, and I am of the broke-ish... So, see, you're not a meaniehead, cuz you're giving us a chance to participate in your fun times here, too!

    Oh, and the purple faery garden beads I ordered from you a while back--your pics, while awesome, do not do your work justice. They are so gorgeous! I have a plan for them, I just need to find time to execute said plan!


  17. You know how I feel, and should know that I screamed this as loud as a puter will let me!!!!!
    Happiness is always reading to the end!

  18. Wow you have beautiful stuff. I can't imagine being that talented. Thanks for sharing and Congrats for 2 years.

  19. Because I read the whole thing
    And was completely entertained.
    and now I want a donut. damnit ;)

    amy @ beadandglass dot com

  20. Good Lawd Juls are you trying to write a book? This post should count as 3, at least.
    I miss you!!!!!

  21. Ahhh I read this I mean your stuff. LOL
    BTW I grabbed your badge for my blog. Check it out.

  22. Wow! What super giveaways. I love your posts -I think we may have the same sense of humor. I sure would love to win some of your beautiful beads! pineridgetreasures@comcast.net

  23. Seriously woman! Do you think I could resist! Congratulations on your milestones!

    courtney of beads by breul

  24. WAHOO!
    Congratulations. All so well deserved. When I count my blessings, Miss Juls, I count you thrice. Once because you are so dang funny in the snort-whatever-you-are-drinking-out-your-nose way and twice because I have your beads (and an Own Your Skilz day which seriously ROCKS!) and thrice because you have become a friend. And having a friend who is snortingly funny, and makes awesome beadzes and someone that I would like to hang out with not only virtually but in real life if I but lived closer than a plane-train-automobile ride away...well that is a friend with benefits (and I don't mean those kind!).
    You go girl!
    Enjoy the day!

  25. It's funny you write this today because I was just thinking that I really miss your writings about your life and business! You're amazing and funnier than s**t!


  26. Bahaha You had me at :

    "....after discovering that Feebay had moved beyond the smoking of price increase crack ..."

    LOL Happy Anniversary!

  27. Of course I read to the end! Congrats on your milestones!

  28. You are so funny and talented, blah blah...you know I love you and your blog and your beads. But I gotta go because some meaniehead is having a sale, and I don't want to miss out!! (seriously - congrats on all your success) Save a doughnut for me!!

  29. I find your blog enjoyable. I always know I'll get atleast one chuckle.
    Congratulations on the anniversary. Good luck to more to come.

  30. Well, blogger didn't like me last night, so I'm trying again. Came over from Kristen's Bead Journey. Don't know why I haven't found you before, but you're stuck with me now! I love reading blogs that make me feel like I've hung out with you forever, and yours definitely fits that. I've "met" so many tremendously talented people on blogger, and am thrilled to get to know you as well. After reading all the comments above, how could I not wanta hang with you???

  31. This may be tmi, but I'm going through some "stuff" and just reading your blog has made me all giggly like. I can't take advantage of your sales right now, sad face, but wanted to say congrats on your milestones and I'm a big old giggly fan.

  32. LUCKY for YOU and all your friends here, I don't have my webcam on right now or you'd see me drooling uncontrollably and licking my computer screen. Oh my...

    A big hippity hoppity blog-o-versary to you my darlin! I happened to mention your donuts on my blog... hope you have enough for a little bigger party! ;)

    Here's to many more blog parties, sales and great laughs together!


  33. I try to read all the blogs that I signed up to follow, but to be truthful I don't have the time or the energy, but there are few that I always read, and your is among them. If you ask me why, I couldn't tell, I just like reading your blog.
    Take care,

  34. love your post, just bought some of your lovelies 2 weeks ago, so may not be able to swing more purchases this week, but would love some more. I love Doughnuts!!! kmann@tciway.tc

  35. How generous of you to do such awesome giveaways. Your posts are such fun and I will be checking out your sales.

  36. You ARE a MEANIEHEAD! Now I want a donut!!!! haaaaaaaaaaaaa

  37. Thanks so much for the laugh...heading to shop now! :D

    Dar from Sun, Stars, & Sea Jewelry Design

  38. You meaniehead ;-) I want one of every ribbed set you make. I used up all the ones I bought from you last sale and now I need more! Oh and I have a question the buy 8 get 1 free is that buy 8 all at once? thanks
    Off to shop....
    Shannon C

  39. ok, now that you have written about donuts I have to go find the pack of shortbread in my purse, & since I bought beads & destash from you in the past few weeks I'm not buying today, just entering to win!

  40. Congrats on your 2 years!

    I really wish that I could purchase some beads as I have been looking longingly at your beads for a while. But since I can't, I figured that I would leave a comment instead.


  41. Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversarrrrr,yyyyy (deep breath), Happy Anniversary to you! Congrats on you your 2 years.

  42. Congrats on your anniversary! Budget says no more spending until after I sell either one of my sculptures or one of my Petite Couture items..so at least I can dream of your wonderful beads for now...and maybe if things look up...I can have fun buying lots of your beads!