July 7, 2011

I just ate an egg salad sandwich so fast that I'm not actually sure I even MADE it.

Food, lunch, blah blah blah.  Talking about food on your blog is as boring for a reader as talking about the weather which I never....um....always do....but only because my face is melting.   Huh.  I've just managed to break both taboos in a single paragraph.  Why are you here again?

I've been up since 6 photographing and listing another round of $15 bead sets in my ETSY SHOP, and about 3 minutes ago I realized I hadn't eaten anything since the 4 peanut butter crackers I had for dinner last night so I went to the kitchen and made myself an egg salad sammie which I then inhaled like someone was going to take it away from me.  I almost wish there was a video of it.  But not really.

And speaking of technology....

I have something listed for sale on Craig's list, and a couple of hours ago I got a random UNSIGNED TEXT that read "I'll bring you $$ for the thing this afternoon.  I will be there around 4."

Ok. what?  I'm all about selling the thing and the $$ was a good offer but (and please forgive me if I am being rude here....)  WHO ARE YOU?

(And wouldn't maybe a phone call be a little more productive in communicating over that kind of transaction WITH A STRANGER?)

Or is that just me?

I was going to say I have turned into my mother, but even my Nana has an Ipad, yo'.

I'll let y'all know if random unsigned text dude actually shows up.  Unless random unsigned text dude is a serial killer.  If I don't write a blog post tomorrow somebody call 911, K?

(UPDATED:  No, I did not put my address on the Craig's list ad.  And so far Random Unsigned Text Dude ~ let's call him Fred just for fun ~ has not texted or called back.  I think he mentioned working til 4.  Either way, after we agreed he would pick up the thing I called a friend that is going to be here if and when Fred does show up.)

(UPDATED #2:  Fred did show up with the cash and my friend helped him load the Bowflex onto his trailer.  I tossed in the AB Lounger I haven't used in 2 years as a bonus, basically because it promised way more than it delivered ~ read that as it was a waste of money ~ and because he was happy to take it.  Also?  Downsize is my new third favorite word...right after Beach and Move.  Funny how I snuck that in there after everyone has already read this post.  Mama is reh tuh go keep her toes in the sand.)

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  1. How bout we just get some of your bouncer friends to be there when the ransom unsigned text dude shows up so we can all hear the story about it tomorrow. That sounds better K?

  2. Or, well, I may call 911 just on principle because I'll be so worried I won't be able to breathe, you know...

  3. Did you put your address in the Craig's listing? Or is it some idiot trying to frighten you (and us)? I don't like this at all. We'll be waiting to hear you ARE ok, ok?

  4. random unsigned text dude sounds ominous. be very very cautious. have your cell dialed to 911 so all you have to do is hit the green button to call. if i were you i'd have someone there with you. and you never know if they come in are they staking out your house for a future robbery or something? don't mean to sound cynical, but ok i guess i am. be careful!

  5. glad you are not moi-dured (that is "murdered" in funny red wine induced accent that does not come across in blog comments) by strange craigs list guy. also glad you got rid of ab thing, that sounds unpleasant. also glad about egg salad cause, well, i like egg salad.

  6. So that whole eating something without memory of doing so is an experience I'm very familiar with. Most of the time, it is a sweet something. I usually have to eat two of those sweet things because, honestly, I do NOT remember eating the first one.

  7. I am glad you had a friend with you when "Fred" showed up. If I lived closer to you I would have been there with the camo on and gun in hand :)
    I have been there also where I have inhaled a whole meal and have no memory of what I ate or what it tasted like, don't like that. I want to be able to enjoy my food!
    You have a great weekend and if you move to the beach could you adopt me and I will come and live with you????